Thursday, September 22, 2016

{Disney} Cape May Cafe, pool time, this and that around the resort

(Day 6)

If you are staying at either the Beach Club or the Yacht Club, I would highly recommend breakfast at Cape May Cafe.  This is a character meal, served buffet style, and the only character meal this restaurant offers.  It is not open for lunch. Dinner here, while also buffet, does not have characters.  The breakfast buffet consisted of a fairly wide selection of food items, similar to Chef Mickey's.


This meal is technically called Minnie's Beach Bash Breakfast, starring Minnie, Goofy and Donald all dressed in beachy attire.    




We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here.  The food was tasty, the characters friendly and the restaurant was in a convenient location for us.  After eating we meandered back to our rooms to change into swimsuits as our main agenda item for the day was POOL TIME.  I don't have any pool photos from that morning because I was in the pool myself and I'd left my camera in the room.  This was the one day of our vacation, aside from the day we arrived and the day we were leaving, where we didn't visit one of the parks.  It was a nice break and we all appreciated the time to relax.


When planning for this vacation, Day 6 was the one day I struggled with where to eat our meals.  Sometimes we do plan to just wing it, but I didn't know how winging it for two meals in a row during a non-park day would work out.  Especially seeing that we had dined at the quick service poolside kiosk the night before.  For lunch, we decided to take a walk over to the Boardwalk and see what they had to offer.  We did come across several dining options and picked up some sandwiches from the bakery next to the new ice cream place.



Beach Club


The real feel temperature on this day (and all the others) was 106.  Give or take a degree or two.  Yes, we swam and swam and swam. . .

~ To be continued


Christi said...

I really like the photo with Goofy and Rich. Especially the look on Emily's face (I'm guessing?).
The.Beach and Yacht Club are on my wish list. I've never stayed on property!

Shelby said...

My family will be travelling to Disney World in February, we are torn between The Contemporary & Beach Club for our stay (3 nights, 2 boys age 3&11). Which one would you choose or a different suggestion would be okay. Thanks for your help, your blog is amazing.

Sarah said...

I would probably go with the Contemporary, assuming you'll be spending at least one full day at Magic Kingdom. The big draw of Beach Club is the pool, and its proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Probably too chilly in February for extensive pool time. Even if it isn't, my girls enjoyed the pool at the Contemporary.

Jen said...

Have you tried The Garden Grill in Epcot yet? We tried it for the first time for dinner on our Oct/Nov 2016 trip and it has won first place for us in the character meal department. The food was so good served family style and the characters spent SO much time with us and came back around about 3 times! Got the best video of Chip playing with our 18month old.

Sarah said...

Jen - we haven't tried the Garden Grill yet but my nieces have eaten there and really like it. Hopefully one of these days!