Monday, September 26, 2016

{Disney} Beaches & Cream and downtime

(Day 6, continued)

After our toasty lunch of sandwiches from the bakery over on the Boardwalk, we hung out at the pool for the entire afternoon.  As I mentioned before, scheduling a day without any planned activities or park excursions is highly recommended in my Disney Without Tears program.


I tried over and over and over again to secure a dinner or even late lunch reservation at Beaches & Cream for this day but there was zero availability.  We had been warned that due to a conference being held at the Yacht Club, dining reservations were at capacity.  So here's a dining tip for Beaches & Cream:  the counter seats are first come, first serve for guests without reservations.  We had overheard folks the night before state that the wait was over an hour.  I came up with a brilliant plan for dinner.  We would put our names in for counter seats really early and continue to swim in the pool until it came close to the end of the estimated wait time.  Then we would head back to our rooms to change.  The plan worked perfectly.  After we changed out of our swimsuits and returned to Beaches & Cream, we waited two minutes.



Grammy and I shared a sandwich and fries.  This is one of the great benefits to dining at Disney.  There is no additional cost to meal sharing and they'll even split the meal onto two plates for you.


You can't dine at Beaches & Cream without ordering dessert.


(She just had to adopt this Duffy because he looked so lonely in the store display.)

I want to comment on the extensive pool area shared by the Yacht and Beach Clubs.  We visited during a slower time and therefore, the pool was not overly crowded.  Especially after 5:00 in the evening.  We were always able to find chairs, even though we had to hunt for a few next to each other during the day.  Evenings were no issue at all.  




We were in bed early, resting up for our last full day at Epcot.

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BreezieGirl said...

I can't wait to go back to WDW one day especially after reading your recap. There's still SO much I haven't seen/explored. :) Although, part of that is that we stayed off-site for most of our visit. VRBO and a house w/ five bedrooms was great for seven adults and a baby.