Friday, August 12, 2016

Falmouth, Cape Cod

Our latest excursion to the Cape brought us to the town of Falmouth and Old Silver Beach.  But first, PLAYGROUND!


The girls really like this nautical themed playground in Falmouth Center and always ask to visit if we are in the area.


(Ready to swim!)

I'd never visited Old Silver prior to this and Rich didn't think he had either but we'd both heard good things about this beach.  It has fine, soft sand and warm waters and public restrooms and a snack bar.  It sounded like the perfect beach for us.

Look at these two. It never gets old.


But let's look at the unedited version of this photo.  It will show you true life.


This beach was far too crowded for my liking.  It's also a tiny spit of a beach so between the people and no place to actually take a walk, I was feeling boxed in.


I also have some other items to add to my list of grievances.  I don't know if this is typical of this beach or not but it was incredibly windy.  As in, stand up and your chair is going to fly over windy.  Let go of your boogie board and hope it doesn't whack someone in the face as you chase it across the sand windy.  We were here during low tide and in order to actually swim, you had to wade out fairly far and an adult on the beach could not properly watch his/her children so the girls couldn't swim unless one of us (Rich for this day) was with them.  If you were sitting on the beach looking into the water, you were facing the sun, which further complicated the watching of the children.

Needless to say, we weren't fans of this beach and don't plan to return but we made it a fun afternoon so all wasn't wasted.  Now let's look at some pretty pictures.







On the way home, we stopped for ice cream and hung out at the canal for a bit, checking out the boats and wildlife and dancing.


(Beach hair x3)


I hope to return to blogging more regularly next week.  Any spare time (and not spare time) has been used for sewing.  I am so very close to finishing and then life will return to normal.  And then we'll go on vacation.

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