Monday, August 15, 2016

ALL the Disney customs

If you're looking for a way to annoy your husband, simply wait until a few weeks before your Disney vacation and then cram in months and months of sewing into two weeks.  Throw in, "I need to sew!" quite often for the full stress factor.

So, look, I had pretty much accepted that I wasn't going to be able to sew all these Disney outfits for the girls.  Even though I've gained ten hours of time each day by not going to work, it's pretty easy to use up that time.  I'm sleeping later, then there's an hour to make, eat and clean up after breakfast, an hour to make, eat, and clean up after lunch, usually two and a half hours to make, eat and clean up after dinner, a few hours watching the kids in the pool, play dates, library visits, laundry. . .  you get my point.

At lunch one day, I told the girls I wasn't going to be able to sew clothes for every day and would it be okay if they wore normal clothes.  I really didn't think they would care.

They cared.

They wanted to inventory what had been made.  They wanted to know what still fit from our last vacation two years ago.  They questioned how long it would take for me to sew more.

And then the kicker.  "Mommy, get off your phone and sew!"

I spoil them because they're my only kids to spoil.  So I sewed.

The results . .

A quick, somewhat easy project is to attach a skirt to a tank top.  I love how these dresses look.


Taking photos for this post was not as easy as one would think it would be.  The response I received when I asked the girls to try clothes on for photos was, "Aren't you just going to take pictures when we are there?"  Allie agreed to model and model she did.



(She's even doing the pigeon toe thing here.)

I did ask the girls what they wanted and they basically said they would like whatever I made.  I really wanted to make aprons for Chef Mickey's.  I have one child who didn't want an apron because it may lead other guests to assume that she works at the restaurant.  Yes, Chef Mickey's employs children.




When short on time, a simple skirt is a quick sew.


I even made three coordinating skirts for Minnie's Beach Bash Breakfast at Cape May Cafe.


I didn't photograph every item and Grammy helped out by sewing a handful of skirts but the girls now have an outfit for each day.  They are so excited for this vacation!


Jennifer said...

When did Allie grow up?? (Well, all of them ;) )

Love the outfits…the aprons are adorable!!

Can't wait to see al the pics of everyone in the outfits.

Bernice said...

The clothes are adorable!!! Will/do the girls wear any of the outfits to school?

Annalise Kendrick said...

This is off topic for this post but I thought it might interest you. I don't know if you've heard about the Luik sisters? They're identical triplets from Estonia that are running in the olympics this year.

Sarah said...

With all that we've watched of the Olympics, I did not know about the Luik sisters!

The tween stuff = CRAZY SCARY.

Bernice - In the past, they've worn some of the skirts to school. They mostly wear play clothes or simple sundresses to school. They are reaching the point now where Disney clothes are for Disney. I'm thinking of selling some of them.

JEN said...

Gorgeous! Good job Sarah.

Zara Shick said...

I need you to start selling your Disney creations before our trip in January :)

JW said...

Love the outfits and have fun in disney. we're taking our kids in 2 weeks on their first trip. I went way overboard with outfits for my son will be happy in gym shorts and t-shirts :)

Lisa H. said...

If you start selling your clothes, I hope you'll post here first! I've been reading your blog since long before I had my nearly 3 year old! I can sew simple dresses (one style only) and I've considered skirts but with a toddler they seem to just get turned around and I know it would drive me nuts and my Type-A personality would need to readjust them every two minutes!

I also know what you mean about time disappearing. I'm a freelancer and my daughter started preschool three days a week in February. I have so much more time--and none at all. I have no idea how it disappears so quickly! There's always something to do for work or home.

Macchiatto said...

You are so talented!!