Friday, July 22, 2016

Current thoughts

The announcement of my resignation at work spurred various predictions from co-workers and friends, including that of new employment by the time school begins in the fall.  I wasn't annoyed with the conversations regarding my future as most were aware of my need to be involved in 75 projects at once.  A good friend at work with younger children herself and a complete understanding of where I was coming from, was one of the few that truly "got it."  Raising three kids, one with special needs, with two full time (and often more than full time) working parents is no joke.

We are seven weeks into this new world and it is somewhat unbelievable to me how easy it is to fill a day, and this is summer with no school and one dance class per week.  Our days are starting slightly later because the girls and I have been sleeping in.  For the most part, at least one kid is awake before 8:00 but they are old enough to read or play quietly.  Years and years ago, when three toddlers were awake and ready to tear it up at six o'clock in the morning, I dreamed of these days.  I never wanted to wish time away but life marches forward whether we want it to or not.

In the past seven weeks, I have not once ever been bored or thought, "Hmmm, what should I do now?"  Currently, I'm very much in my season of sewing, which will be replaced with my season of cleaning when the girls return to school.  Speaking of sewing, I haven't had time to touch my most recent project all week.  The days zoom by in a blur of activity.          

I've mentioned before how familiarity is comforting and anxiety-free for me, but I find routines to be frustrating.  We do have basic routines for the kids when it comes to mealtimes, bedtimes, etc.  It's more the day to day and doing the same things over and over that get to me.  I was slightly fearful that being at home all the time would create the same Groundhog Day feelings I had about work but so far, that hasn't been the case.  I know seven weeks in is still extremely fresh but I think the key is for life to not remain static.    

Temperatures of 90+ degrees  are forecasted for the next five days so we have pool time, indoor play and Cape outings planned.  The weather impacts my life in such a different way now that I don't have that commute.  I knew winters would be so much tolerable but I didn't expect to notice such a difference in summer.  My work/commuting bag remained on its perch in the front hall for a month before I finally cleaned it out and stored it away in the back of the bedroom closet.  This is really happening.


Julia said...

It is so nice to see it happening for you! A couple of years ago, when you talked about being overtired and wishing to spend more time with the girls, I thought it was not a possibility at all.

I work from home most of the time (translator/interpreter - the interpreting market is down so I have few assignments a month that I need to travel for) and life is much easier than with a full-time commute but still, I am working, and often long hours! Maybe one day...I would even have another kid, haha!

lesley said...

It does take a very long time to settle into not working outside the home. I am one year out, now home full time with my special needs 20 year old daughter and my baby granddaughter(part time), it's wonderful. Sometimes I feel like it's a dream, it's so unbelievable. Best thing ever. It takes time to adjust to it though, for sure.