Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sewing all the Disney customs

When we originally planned for our Disney 2016 vacation, I had thought I would be resigning from my job in January and I would have months and months and months to leisurely sew while the girls were in school.  I was eagerly looking forward to spreading out my projects and sewing at an easy pace and, for once, not feeling rushed.  I know that the girls don't need custom outfits for Disney, nor would they flip out if I didn't sew anything.  It's something I like to do for them to make the trip special.  (The window only stays open for so long, my friends.) It's also a bit of a creative outlet for me.

Status update:  I have not yet completed one single item.

Back in March, when I realized I needed to get moving, I thought it would be good idea to stitch out all the embroidered appliques first to get those out of the way.  Well, those are difficult to do unless I am home alone or it's night and the kids are in bed because I can't just walk away whenever and return to the project.  I'm basically tied up for an hour.  I've stitched out one applique thus far.  So as the clock ticks away and with summer (with plans and activities to keep the kids busy) about to sneak up on me, I had to reassess my goals and decide what to tackle first.

We have reservations for two "big" meals:  Cinderella's Happily Ever After dinner at 1900 Park Fare and lunch in Cinderella's castle.  The focus is on outfits for those meals/days first.  For the dinner, Allie requested a skirt or dress with appliques of Cinderella characters.  I stitched out the Fairy Godmother back in March and because I haven't exactly decided what to make for her to wear, I moved on to Emily's dress because it seemed easy to complete.  Well, in theory.  She's going to wear a pink Cinderella dress.  (You know, the one the stepsisters destroy.)  I went with the Simply Sweet pattern, which I'm not a huge fan of because of its boxiness.  I only had the size 3/4 from Grammy so I had to adjust it to whatever size the girls are now and then I changed the back so I could add casings to run elastic through.  This makes it a fitted dress, versus a loose one.  I've completed the top and have all the fabric cut for the bottom skirt.  I also need to make the bows.  Oh, the bows.  (I realize this would be so much more interesting if I had photos to accompany the writing.)

I have a pattern for shorts that I want to try out.  If that goes well, I hope to whip some up.  And skirts are usually quick.  I still have their clothes from our last trip and most of those still fit.  The tank tops will probably be too tight but I think some of the dresses may work and the maxi skirts, although no longer maxi-length, definitely still fit.    

I hope to have some progress photos to share soon.  Ah, to sew without time constraints.


Valerie Cox said...

I love that you make the girls clothes for your Disney trips. These are treasures for sure, and they always look so adorable!!

Farah said...

I can't wait to see the finished products!

Christi said...

Can't wait to see what you create for the girls.
You do such great work!