Saturday, April 9, 2016

Summer Dresses for Girls: Picks and Sales

With the weather we've been having around here, it doesn't seem like it will ever be warm enough for summer clothes.  You saw my snow photos from Sunday, right?  Well, Monday we experienced a legit snow storm with accumulation leading to snowplows and the cancelation of after-school activities.  Nevertheless, stores are full of cute summer items and I've been keeping my eye out for sales.  I still haven't had time to fully clean out the girls' closets so I'm not quite sure what they will need for the summer.

Even though the girls will be nine in a few days, they are itty bitty and can still wear size 5 clothing.  That doesn't mean that it's a perfect fit, I can mostly see it in the shortness of the sleeves, but it's wearable.  I removed all the size 5 fleeces from their closets because they have some others in bigger sizes.  Well, Anna keeps taking them from "the pile" to wear.  The pile is the accumulation of too small clothes that I gather and pass along to my sister-in-law for my two nieces.  Unfortunately, it looks like one those nieces will soon be the same size as the girl.

This morning I pulled out the buy ahead/too big basket from the shelf in Allie's closet.  It looks like the size S (6-7) maxi dresses I bought at the end of the season last year will finally fit length-wise.  I'm hoping they shrink up a bit in the dryer too. The size 8 dresses from Gymboree are too wide.  I'll have to store those away for next year.

Old Navy and The Children's Place are my two favorite stores right now to purchase summer dresses for the girls.  Their clothing is slim fitting and if you hit a sale, inexpensive.  I don't like to worry about expensive clothes and the potential for ruin from grass or food stains.

Old Navy (online and in stores) has select dresses on sale for 60% off today.  These tank dresses are so versatile and great for hot summer months.

Children's Place is offering 50% off everything plus free shipping through April 11th.  Here are my some of my favorites:

How adorable is this tent dress?

And I love this swim cover-up.

Happy shopping!


Farah said...

I love your posts about clothing. Those are some cute picks! I'm having a boy (due in May, first child), and I love shopping for him already. I have some clothes up to a size 5 for him...haha! My husband can't believe our unborn child has more clothes than he does :)

JEN said...

read your blog then ordered from Children's Place. Thanks!

katiefromtheblock said...

Have you ever tried thred up? I like it a lot but I also have a ton of clothes I never wear to send in and get credit for.

Sarah said...

Farah - shopping for babies is addictive!

Jen - You're welcome!

Katie - No, I haven't. I usually wear clothes until they die and I rarely order for myself online b/c of the way clothes fit (or don't fit) me.

katiefromtheblock said...

I forgot to mention that they sell kids clothes too!