Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I've found myself thinking about life and happiness lately, usually on my walks to and from the train station.  The thoughts coincide with an approaching birthday.  I'm at what feels like a weird, in between age.  Is it too late to start over?  Is it too early to technically retire?  You're too old for that.  You're too young for that.  I also just read When Breath Becomes Air and well, if you've read this book too, than you know where I'm coming from.  And if you haven't read this book, add it to your list.  I found it to be extremely thought provoking and while the core of this memoir is steeped in sadness, there's a sense of peace to all of it.      

As I watch the girls' ballet class each week, I can't help but wonder what their futures hold.  Allie is already a captivating performer.  She's always had that spark that draws attention you in.  Will she opt to attend a traditional college or will she choose a different path?  What do they want from life?  What will make them happy as adults?  Rich and I have learned that the path to contentment doesn't have to follow that prescribed formula of college, degree, work for the man.  There are so many possibilities.  

For me, right now, I'm ready for a change.  Big thoughts swirling around.  Spring has shown itself and while I'm happy that March is finally here, I know it's a bit of wait before we can truly forget about winter.  Funny how I always think of that April Fool's Day blizzard back in 1997 whenever anyone acts like March = spring.  Although, I just saw the extended forecast and did a double take at the 70.  Is that right?      

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