Monday, February 29, 2016

Project 366 + some thoughts

Monday morning

Tuesday morning

Excellent work!

Floral and floral

Plus a kid


The end of the weekend

So I'm two months, or 60 photos, into this project and admittedly, I have mixed feelings.  A few weeks into it, I did struggle with the fact that there was no goal other than simply taking a photo a day.  Well, taking a photo of anything is fairly easy, I thought.  And it is.  I suppose I don't enjoy the forced aspect.  So even if I was photographing a specific topic, I would still have to take that daily photo.  Maybe I'm not meant for photo projects that contain specific requirements.  I've been surrounded by workplace rules and politics for so many years that I tend to brush off unnecessary, self-imposed rules.  There's also a little bit of that Groundhog Day feeling currently hanging around here.  Maybe that will dissipate in the upcoming warmer months.  I do want to see this project through to the end.  


erinlaughs said...

Gretchen Rubin has a book about habits that you would probably really like. I've tried multiple times to do photo projects before and can't seem to make it either. I do better when an outside factor is depending on me, but when it's just up to me to take a photo a day? Eh. It just doesn't motivate me.

Katching Kismet said...

Maybe you should set your own individual small goals within the Photo 366 thing.
Like this week I will try to get a picture of one "every day" activity each day - and then focus on getting teeth brushing, making beds, tying shoes, silly things like that where there is a more focused (sometimes more challenging) goal.
Do photos of each girl individually for a week each. Or a week of Rich only photos loll

Siné said...

I just did a One A Day February photo challenge and by the end I was definitely ready for a break. Way to go on keeping your project 366 going for 2 months already!

Georgina Weston said...

Have you heard of the app Blipfoto. It really inspires me to take a picture everyday.