Sunday, March 27, 2016

Life Lately

Last week was very much a recovery week for me.  I was forced out of bed on Sunday because the laundry situation was out of control.  You know things are bad when Rich asks, "Aaaah, have you seen the laundry room?"  I still felt weak and had no idea how I was going to commute into work on Monday morning, especially during the forecasted snowstorm.  Anna also now had a cold (or a mild version of what I had because she had the flu shot.)  I opted to work from home on Monday and Anna stayed home from school.


Some towns in the area canceled school while others did not.  I can see how it was a difficult decision to make.  We were convinced school would be canceled, but for us, it wasn't.  It ended up being a fairly pathetic snowstorm and by the time I picked up Allie and Emily from school, most of the snow had melted.  It never even stuck to the pavement.    

Returning to work on Tuesday was difficult.  We've adjusted our morning schedule so that I can sleep until 6:30, instead of getting up at 6:00.  If I shower and dress quickly, I still have time to catch the train after my normal train, which means I arrive to the office about 10-15 minutes later than usual.  If I miss that train, I have to take the Turtle Express and I don't walk into the office until 9:15.

I do feel much better but I'm exhausted.  It's like my body just can't get enough sleep.  By the afternoons, I'm so tired that my eyes hurt.  But I'm so freaking busy at work that I have to keep on keeping on.  I've been going to bed as early as possible every night.  Rich and I have been eating dinner when we get home from work.  Then we manage the bedtime routine and I'm often asleep before the kids are.  My time to edit photos and blog is after the kids go to bed and well, now that's my bedtime too.  

A lot has happened these two weeks.  The girls and Rich attended the annual father/daughter dance, which is really a preview of times to come.


I have more photos that I need to edit from that five minute photo session.  I discovered the world of YouTubers and vlogging when I was confined to bed at the beginning of my illness.  Interesting concept.  The girls have been sucked in and now ask to watch one family's vlogs.  We have almost all of our dining reservations for our Disney vacation.  I'm still debating over whether or not to add dinner for our pool day.  I'll share those soon.  I managed to stitch out one applique right before the flu hit me.  Sewing and taxes - two givens in my life right now.  Oh, and laundry.    

So that's it for me now.  I tried to stay up until 9:00 the other night and it didn't go so well.  I hope this tiredness begins to fade soon because needing 12 hours of sleep a night doesn't really fit into my work schedule.


DaddyBites said...

On the laundry thing, have you suggested to the girls to re-wear their clothes as much as possible, unless there is a stain on something?

Reason I ask is in my house until recently all clothes ended up in the laundry and the reason it did so is because my kids were too lazy to fold and put them away. Tossing them in the laundry hamper was less painful. I had to explain to them that they will have to fold and put away eventually, whether or not they're washed. That didn't occur to them. Then, in defense of our time/money/environment, I "threatened" to withhold allowance based on the amount of non-dirty and non-smelly clothes ending up in the hamper after ONE wearing.

In my view, only underwear and socks can be worn once. Everything else, unless totally filthy or they sweated in them, can be re-worn several times. This works, until they become teenagers, at which time the number of re-wearings is reduced (but still they can re-wear).

Dunno, just an idea to tame the laundry beast.


Sarah said...

We do try to re-wear but unfortunately, the only items that seem to make it past 1 wear are pajamas. Their school clothes are always dirty - whether from recess, art class, sitting on the floor, etc.