Tuesday, March 29, 2016



Here's what we had planned for Easter:
  • Attend church as a family
  • Easter egg hunt in the yard
  • Brunch
  • Visit with Rich's family in the early afternoon
  • Dinner at my parents' house

Real life Easter:  Emily threw up shortly after midnight and continued to throw up every 30 to 60 minutes until morning.  And then she threw up here and there during the day.  

Up until two weeks ago, I thought we had squeaked through the third grade with minimal virus spreading, minus the strep throat drama.  The past three weeks have been one thing after another.  I felt so bad for the kids that Easter was a bit of a bummer.  My little baby chick cried that she had to miss the entire day.  Rich and I took turns staying home, trying to make the best of it.  I've told them all that next year will be a super awesome Easter.   Easter 2017 is in mid-April so maybe we'll have some warmer weather too.  As you can see, Easter in March in New England isn't very pretty or warm.  In fact, I was just checking the seven day forecast earlier and there's a snowflake next to Sunday and Tuesday, which for some reason makes me think about our Turks & Caicos trip nearly two years ago.    


Why would one want to wear an Easter dress, which is essentially a summer dress, when it's 45 degrees out and one can wear cozy pajamas instead?


katiefromtheblock said...

I just reread through your Turks and Caicos post and it made me wish I had a tropical vacation planned for right now. I live in Boston and I am so ready for warmer weather. I really admire how much work you put in to organize family trips to Disney. My parents suffered through the Disney trips when my sister and I were young. They knew we loved it! They tried taking us to Aruba once but the beach was windy and it didn't go well. Have you considered taking your girls on a relaxing beach vacation? Just wondering since it seemed like you really enjoyed the beach.

Sarah said...

We would like to do a beach vacation with the girls next year. Hopefully! We are so close to Cape Cod and spend a lot of time there and at local beaches during the summer, we wanted to get in the "kid" vacations while they were younger. Spring was too much of a tease this year. It looked like it was here but then, poof, gone!