Monday, March 7, 2016

How to dress officially on a frugal lifestyle

Someone landed on my blog with this google search.

My opinion?  Only buy what you absolutely need.

If you think about it, you really don't need that much.  I was reading about capsule wardrobes a few weeks ago and man, I feel like I missed the boat on capsule wardrobe blog success.  (Too bad I don't like taking pictures of myself.)  I didn't know this was a thing.  I thought it was a post-triplets/nothing fits right/I have no time to shop/I'd rather spend my money on vacations or paying off my mortgage or retiring before I'm 55 (or 45) deal.

But going back to buying what you only need.  I was thinking about the clothing purchases I've made thus far in 2016 for myself and for the girls.  
For me:
  • $40 for 2 sweaters (on sale)
  • $15 for a casual, winter jacket (final clearance at LOFT, originally $140!)

For the girls:
  • Nothing

When the colder weather hit and the girls pulled out winter pajamas (or I should say the girls who wear pajamas because I have one who refuses to), I was surprised at how small those pajamas were.  Until I looked at the size.  Ooops.  Size 4.  Those were immediately tossed into the give-away pile in the upstairs hall.  And then someone took them from the pile and I had to hide them.  Then they were wearing size 5 pajamas.  I did purchase some footies in the appropriate size but those are too hot to actually sleep in so they're worn around the house or after showers.  So I told the girls that I would buy pajamas in a larger size but they didn't really seem to care that their wrists and ankles were exposed and then I forgot and now it's almost spring so maybe I need to look for some on sale because they will most definitely be needed for next year.

The girls' closets need major clean outs.  I've been pulling out too small items here and there but it's been awhile since we've gone through everything, which is how we ended up with size 4 pajamas in the mix.  I think I'll wait until it warms up before I clean out all the long sleeve shirts that are on the verge of being too small.  And all the summer items that are too small.        

I wanted to sew some summer nightgowns, for those who will wear nightgowns, because I think we are in the same too small situation for summer pajamas.  I have the perfect fabric.  Don't ask me when I'll have time for that though.

I'll end this by commenting that I wore pants to work today that I bought in 2004.  A little snug but classic trousers stay classic.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I really try for a minimalist approach with a lot of things, although I do "splurge" on the very-end-of-season sales at Talbot's.

For the girls, I have to keep buying new jeans. It's nuts!!! Their legs keep growing and growing. And then someone occasionally rips a hole in the knee of a pair -- of course a pair that has more longevity. :/

Now that I'm back at work, I do relish the opportunity to "shop" my closet, though. I find myself marveling at things I've had a long time, too. I kept almost all my work clothes after the girls were born (when I was home for 5 years). I've tossed a few things, but I try for the classic look, too, and I have lots of pieces that have been hanging around for a while.

(Do you ever think, those pants from 2004 date back to when some of the folks we work with were in middle school? At least that's the case for me! Ack!) ;)

Teej said...

I am so glad somebody else wears clothes for 10+ years as well. I don't enjoy shopping and don't enjoy spending my money that way, and I still like a lot of the clothes I have had for years and years. I regularly wear a pair of brown doc marten mary janes that I have had since 1999. This feels like a place that I can be proud to say that instead of embarrassed. lol

DaddyBites said...

My problem is I LOVE shopping. I can't shop for my 11 yr old girl anymore. She probably won't like whatever I choose.

My 13 yr old boy is a clothes minimalist and will tell us when he needs something.

My 8 yr old (almost 9 yr old) will just wear whatever is at the top of his drawer. He's another one who doesn't like pjs. It's his drawers that I clean out occasionally and try to be brutal because he just doesn't care what he wears!


Krista said...

Thrift stores. I have spent about $25 so far this year and gotten many, many things for my 2 kiddos + 1 on the way.

Valerie Cox said...

I love to shop quality versus quantity. I'd much rather shop the sales for something that will last instead of a trendy item that won't last more than 2 washes. Your girls always look so cute in their outfits!

Sarah said...

Mandy - We were talking about Christa McAuliffe at work and some people didn't know who she was. Because they weren't even born when the Challenger accident happened. Talk about feeling old.