Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Snowy Pines

It was ridiculously warm and rainy last Thursday, but a messy snow storm was forecasted to begin Friday morning.  When Rich picked me up at the train station Thursday night, it was a balmy 55 degrees.  Snow storm?  Impossible.  Overnight I could hear the rain turn to icy pellets and then there was silence and I knew snow had begun to blanket over everything.

I still had to go to work.  (Sigh)

Despite the weather conditions, I debated on whether or not to bring my camera with me to work.  Well, I should say I debated on whether or not to bring my camera with me to work because of the weather conditions.  A snowy city can be beautiful.  My back decided that lugging a camera and two heavy lenses would not be a wise choice.

iPhone photo of the view from my desk mid-storm.  The view of the city is obliterated.

That evening, I left work a little early to catch the train before my normal train.  I had wanted to give myself plenty of time to walk because many areas had not yet been cleared of snow but something came up and I found myself slightly scrambling for time.  I walked with a co-worker and yeah, the massive parking lot that we cut through hadn't been plowed so we slipped and stumbled through piles of heavy, wet snow.  As we crossed the bridge heading toward South Station, the sky to the west had suddenly cleared and a warm, golden light was radiating over the city.  Two seconds later, we passed a guy with a DSLR taking photos.  And then there was another guy with a DSLR.  Others stopped walking to pull out their smart phones and snap off a photo or two.  I, on the other hand, didn't want to miss my train and I'm never satisfied with iPhone photos.  (I'm a camera snob.)  And, well, let's put it this way - Rich and the girls needed to pick me up at the station in bad driving conditions so missing my train (there was no way to run) to take photos with my phone would have been selfish.

And then the sun set and I was stuck on the train and the sky was gorgeous.  I have to say I was extremely jealous that night scrolling through FB looking at all the scenic photos of the snowfall and golden hour light.  This was all I could manage by the time I arrived home, in the almost dark.  Iridescent skies to the east.


The next morning, the girls and I headed outside to check out the snow.  The warmth before the snow had created extremely wet, heavy snow which, while beautiful, was quite damaging.  Trees and branches snapped under the weight of the snow which in turn created large power outages.













Another storm rolled through here on Monday.  That one, thankfully, wasn't as bad as originally forecasted but the girls are now down two snow days.

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