Thursday, February 11, 2016


Me:  What was I like as a child?

Allie:  You played baseball.
Anna:  Lonely.
Emily:  Sad
Anna:  I feel bad for you, honey.

I have three brothers and always wanted a sister.  It appears that the recounting of my childhood with no sisters to share in the doll house and Barbie play and my you-don't-know-how-lucky-you-are-to-have-sisters statement during squabbling stayed with them.  And no, I really wasn't lonely and sad.  But I was forced to play baseball when all I wanted to do was dance.    

Me:  What is something I always say to you?

Anna:  You need to blow your nose.
Emily:  Emily Blessing!

Me: What makes me happy?

Anna: Singing
Emily:  Sewing
Rich:  Joey McIntyre

Me:  What makes me sad?

Allie:  When we fight.
Emily: Papaw

Me:  How do I make you laugh?

Allie:  Teddy bear sweater
Anna:  Talking about Patrick
Emily:  When you say funny stuff about kids

Me:  How old am I?

Allie:  49.  I don't know
Anna:  46
Emily:  45

Me:  How tall am I?

Allie:  Two yards
Anna: 5 feet, 6 inches
Emily:  4 feet, 2 inches

Me:  What is my favorite thing to do?

Allie:  Sewing
Anna:  Laundry
Emily:  Photography person mode
Me:  Laundry?

Me:  What do I do when you're not around?

Anna:  Play on your phone.  Lounging out time.
Emily:  Sleep

Me:  What do I do for a job?

Allie:  Take care of triplets
Anna:  Tax return lady
Emily:  Tax returns

Me:  What do you enjoy doing with me?

Anna:  Cuddling
Emily:  Gymnastics

Me:  What am I really good at?

Allie:  Cooking
Anna: Sewing
Emily:  Reading

Me:  What is something I'm not good at?

Anna:  Cooking
Emily:  Drawing

Me:  What is my favorite food?

Allie:  Mashed potatoes
Anna:  Chinese food
Emily:  Stuffing
Me:  Chinese food?


Christi said...

your kids are too funny!
I love that Rich chimed in on the what makes me happy question. LOL

caislas said...

Dear Sara,
Since 4 years, I had been enjoying your posts. Thank you for sharing.
In very few times I had given comments. I am not as gifted on writing as you are.
Now I have to say that this particular post has something special.
Keep living intense and wish you all the best.