Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Life Lately


Well, if all goes as planned, the sale of our rental property, first home, 19th century Victorian cottage will be finalized in the very near future.  I'm trying to not dwell on it too much.  At the same time, my parents decided to sell my childhood home, which they had been renting for the past 25 years or so.  I lived there by myself for awhile when I was in college as they made repairs and cleaned up after longer term tenants had moved out.  I also lived in the in-law apartment, which was unfinished basement when I was growing up, for many years after college.  I was the property manager, so to speak.

I suppose you need to package up all those memories and hope that they stay with you.

I have very vivid, lifelike dreams and whenever I'm in a house in my dreams, it is always my childhood home.  I've never, ever had a dream where I am in any other home.  Different buildings, yes.  But houses, no.  It's odd.  

Spring has shown itself here and there.  But we also had that deep freeze a few weekends ago so we aren't out of the woods quite yet.  March is still very much winter around these parts.  My birthday is coming up soon and while I don't particularly enjoy celebrating it, I've been craving Italian food, like North End Italian and chocolate chip cannolis.  Crazy thought - let's take the kids to Boston for dinner.  But, alas, Emily was invited to a birthday party that weekend in the opposite direction.  And it will probably still be cold.  Raincheck?  

Frost on the inside of the window.  

I don't know if I should be excited (proud?) that my kids are so invested in who our next president will be, or weirded out.  Emily was quite angry that Trump won the SC primary.  She said she had a message for him and then she punched a pillow.  He should be afraid.

And then there are these conversations:

Someone:  "Grammy says that Bernie Sanders is only a few years younger than Papa and Papa comes up with some crazy ideas."

Emily:  "There are kids in my class that want the groundhog to be president and I'm like seriously."

Someone:  "Well, that's dumb."

Emily:  "Yeah, the groundhog isn't even that smart."

Me:  "Hello, does anyone realize that they are talking about an animal?"

Weekend pictures




Okay, enough of the hawks.






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