Wednesday, February 24, 2016

At night

I become the manager of Getting Ready For Bed.

It has changed over the years.

They used to be so tiny.  I sat next to their cribs, and then later their beds, because there were so tiny.  They will never be that small again.  They will continue to grow and become more independent until one day, it will be so completely different that we'll yearn for those days when they were tiny.  We'll say, "Remember when they were so little."  We won't remember sitting on the floor next to the cribs silently pleading with them to just. please. fall. asleep.

Current happenings:

Besides the taking forever to change from clothes to pajamas.

Besides the taking forever to floss teeth.

Besides the taking forever to brush the flossed teeth.

(This is why a manager of Getting Ready for Bed is necessary.)

I'm in Emily's room to tuck her in.  Suddenly, Anna appears.

Anna:  "Sandy, give me a hug."

Sandy:  "No, I don't wanna give you a hug."

Anna:  "Come on, Sandy."

Me:  "Please, it is a teddy bear."

I'm in Anna's room to tuck her in.  Suddenly, Allie appears.

Me:  "I'll be in your room in a minute. Okay?"

Suddenly, Emily appears.

Me:  "Didn't I just tuck you in?"

I'm in Allie's room to tuck her in.  Suddenly, Anna appears.

Anna:  "Lacey, Katy, can I have a hug?"

Me:  "Please.  They are teddy bears."

Suddenly, Emily appears.

Me:  "What are you doing here?  In your bed, please."

She leaves and then reappears.

Me:  "Why aren't you in bed?"

Emily:  "I want to listen."

Finally, they are all tucked in with books.  And they read, willingly.

This is where we are at almost 9 years old.

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Teej said...

Well, the reading willingly sounds awesome. The rest of it sounds like whack a mole, lol.