Monday, January 4, 2016

Wrappin' up December

We weren't able to fit in a visit to La Salette or the Enchanted Village before Christmas so we went with our next best option - right after Christmas.  Just like the rest of the country, we experienced wonky weather on Christmas (I even joked about having the kids eat their dinner out on the deck) and it was still unseasonably warm the day after Christmas.  I checked the forecast and rain was moving in on Sunday and then the temperature was going to drop.  We, along with anyone else who wanted to see the lights this season, showed up at La Salette Saturday night.  Our visit was a casualty of the weather.  I've never seen it that crowded.

"Wow.  It's just like Disney."

"Yeah, except there are no rides and it's boringer."

I try to see the world through the girls' eyes.  I remember the enchantment and magic of Christmas lights during the holiday season and the girls seem to enjoy our visits there.  Someone always asks if we can go there and no one grumbles or complains when we have to sit in traffic or walk a half mile through the monstrous parking lot.

I always lament that I can't drag along my tripod and take proper photos at La Salette.  This year, I went with an easier option.








Really out of focus.

Same, but more in focus.



Rich was home with the girls Monday and Tuesday last week and I was home on Thursday (and Friday.)  They (along with anyone else who wanted to do so during vacation week) went to the Enchanted Village on Monday.  A wintery storm mix was forecasted for Tuesday so apparently the day for going out was Monday.  Rich said that the line was enormous and we've never experienced that after Christmas Day.

Randoms from last week . . .

Xmas tree wuz here


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Christi said...

we didn't go to La Salette or the Enchanted Village this year
it was just hard to get Christmas-y for some reason!
love the out of focus photos - my DH never understands my love of bokeh!