Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Goals, Thoughts, Plans

I normally don't make resolutions because for me, if I want to make a change, it doesn't need to be the beginning of a new year.  Normally, January 1 is simply a continuation of time but this year, it does feel like a fresh start and I've been contemplating not only what I'd like to achieve this year but how I'd like to live.


I would love an overhaul of what we eat but realistically, with both of us working full time, that's not going to happen.  Someone out there is most likely scoffing at that, thinking I'm just shooting out an excuse but it's my life and I can only do so much.  With that being said, we do try to stay on the healthy side of things.  Thankfully, the girls are open to trying new foods.  As it turns out, we recently discovered that we have two who love asparagus and roasted brussels sprouts.  Hey, what do you know.

I've always eaten what I've wanted but in moderation.  Of course, that was a whole lot easier when I was clocking 20-30 miles a week of running and many, many, many years younger.  Over this past year, I've noticed a shift in my metabolism.  Happens to the best of us.  I've really started watching my intake of sweets, which are my downfall.

When Rich and I first began dating, I had been running for almost ten years.  He was a runner as well.  The big difference was that I had never run a road race (why? I knew I wasn't going to win. What's the point?) and I never trained for speed.  I was completely content with racking up mileage at my 10 minute mile pace.  Running is now so much more popular than it used to be and I'm going to blame the internet for the pressure felt to run races.  And you need to be fast.  I've had people shrug or turn up their noses when I say I normally run at a 10 minute mile pace, because apparently that's not good enough.  You need to be fast.

Some of you have commented that I sometimes seem frustrated when it comes to running.  I'm actually not.  I love running.  It's my alone time to think or sometimes just zone out and listen to music, and I feel good afterwards.  I do feel frustrated with trying to fit it into my work schedule and the kids' schedules.  (Not much I can do about that right now.)  I do feel frustrated with increasing my speed and because of that, I think I'm going back to my roots, back to how I ran in my twenties.  I used to be able to run longer distances comfortably at my 10 minute mile pace and you know what?  That's okay.

My goal for this year is to make sure I keep moving and to know that it's okay to move at my own pace.  That doesn't mean that I won't ever train for speed or run a race or two but I've brushed all that pressure away.  Rich gifted me a Fitbit for Christmas and that has actually been a bit eye opening.  I also received a trainer for my bike so I can ride it indoors.

Exercise more.


Christmas 2014, I upgraded to a Nikon D750, which is full frame camera.  I also acquired a new wide angle lens (Nikon 14-24mm, f2.8.)  I needed a new walk-around lens and it took me months and months before I decided to go with the Sigma Art 50mm, f/1.4 lens, which I've been extremely happy with.  After my experience with this lens I would definitely buy another from the Sigma Art line.  So, anyway, back to 2016.  This year I want to take my photography up a notch.  What exactly does that mean?  I can't really explain it because it's not something that can be measured.  I don't have any specific areas that I want to focus on - it's more of a general feeling.  Photographers should always be growing and developing and while I feel like I have slightly grown this year, I take what I know for granted and hang out in status quo land quite often, only picking up the camera for specific moments.

Just as with reading challenges, I tend to avoid photography challenges as I don't see the need for adding unnecessary stress to my life.  A few weeks ago, I was reading a photography article outlining the benefits of a 365 project and I thought, "I'm gonna do it this year."  If a miss a day, who cares.  It's a photography project.  It's not a big deal.  So, yeah, Project 366 2016 is on.  I don't plan to post a photo everyday but I'll gather them up and post them here and there, maybe weekly.

Photograph more.


Disney 2016 has been booked!  (Disney World in Florida.)  However, it will be later in the year, not in April like I had originally planned.  We've decided to hold off on a cruise until the girls are older.  After much research, I felt the most comfortable with the Disney cruise line, but I didn't like that the shorter cruises only went to the Bahamas.  Also from my research, a fair amount of folks don't leave the ship at Nassau because of the increased crime in that area.  Disney has some longer cruises that seem more to our liking but the timing wasn't really working with our schedules for 2016.

I would like to get back out to Michigan to visit my family again this summer.  Other than that, we don't have any concrete plans.  Rich has mentioned a two-three night getaway for adults only in the spring (he has a milestone birthday coming up this year) but we don't have a destination picked out.  I'd like to throw in some smaller, local trips with the girls as well.

Travel more.


Abigail's death taught me that there are no guarantees for tomorrow.  I may be a dreamer but that's mostly in my head.  I'm usually fairly conservative when it comes to real life decisions and I'm super weird with money.  I'm hopeful we can make some changes this year that will be positive for our family.  I feel good going into 2016.

Live more.            


Christi said...

10 minute miles IS fast! Especially from my view at the back of the pack. Well, when I ran. I've retired. LOL. Running was like a bad boyfriend, it never loved me back as much as I wanted it to. As long as you are enjoying yourself, it doesn't matter how fast or how far you are going!

We recently got an Instant Pot. The pressure cooker feature is fantastic for making dinner after work faster and with less pots and pans to wash! We made short ribs in about an hour instead of 4 hours in the oven or 8 in the crockpot!

BreezieGirl said...

I got into running really through runDisney. I'd done one Olympic distance triathlon prior as a part of Team in Training which gave me a bit of a race bug, but I never loved running (I actually chose the tri because I wouldn't have to "just run"). I still don't LOVE running, but I enjoy the atmosphere or races and Disney makes it fun so I turn it into a vacation. I rarely do local/other races. I think 10mm is fast though! I'm in a 12:30ish range right now and hoping to PR from my best time back in 2012.

I have a photography goal of shooting more often and more variety. I get in the habit of only wanting to do people portraits (my "happy place" photo-wise), but it's not always an option and then my camera sits by the wayside. My other goal is to edit my shots in a more timely manner. :)