Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Simple Life

One night last week, as we were brushing our teeth, Rich stated that he wished to lead a simple life.  I agreed.  Simple would be nice.  What we have right now doesn't seem to meet the definition of simple.  I even tossed in the idea of moving to a more remote, less crowded area.  But in the next breath, we both brought up the antique farmhouse for sale in the same neighborhood as our first home and the price and the restorations that could be made.  Technically, flipping a house but we both know that we are restorers, not flippers.  That's not so simple.  The thoughts constantly running through my head aren't simple either.  It's not that I enjoy complications but there's a certain layer of complexity there that keeps me going.  I thought about "a simple life" for a few days.  Is it really simplicity that we crave or is it happiness?  Do we believe that simple will lead to happy?  What can we change that isn't simple or is it merely our point of view?


This morning, Emily asked if she could tell me about a book they read in class yesterday.

My response as I eyed the clock:  "Okay, but it'll have to be quick, sweetie.  Can you do it in a minute?  I need to get upstairs and get ready for work."

I could see the disappointment on her face.  "I'll just tell you later."

"No, no.  Tell me now.  I have a few minutes.  It's okay.  I want to hear about the book."

I still had to keep an eye on the clock because Emily can talk nonstop for ten minutes and I'm tied to that train schedule.  She thoughtfully summarized the book (in a timely manner) and it was clear that she had learned from it (always a good thing).  It's hard to squeeze in those moments amongst the morning chaos.

I've been holding on to a reserve of vacation days but with the end of the year approaching and use 'em or lose 'em looming over me, I decided to take some time off this week and a few days before Christmas.  I still have some days unscheduled that I'll use for school events in December, as those always seem to pop up at the last minute.  I'm looking forward to some extra time with family this week.  I'm also looking forward to stuffing and pie.  And not having to cram laundry into one day.


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