Thursday, October 1, 2015

Life Lately

So Anna finally joined the First Official Haircut Club.  Unfortunately, the salon was packed so I wasn't able to fire off a string of photos like I wanted to.  I had trouble finding a place to stand and someone gave me the side eye and sometimes you have to respect the side eye so I slid the camera back into my bag and got over it.  You should have seen the smile on this kid's face.  It was big and adorable and present the entire time.


The girls have my hair.  It's very fine but they have a good amount of it.  Well, Allie and Emily do.  I actually think Allie has more hair than I do.  Their hair, like mine, also has a natural wave to it but being so fine, the wave doesn't always work in our favor.  Anna's been doing her own hair for awhile and as a result, has seen a significant amount of breakage, especially at the ends.  She also doesn't have much hair, which my hair stylist pointed out could be related to her constant medication.  I was a bit surprised with how much hair Anna asked to have cut off but it was the perfect length because it cleaned up all the stringy ends and now her hair looks thicker and healthier.


I knew there was the potential for Allie Drama because Allie made it known that she wanted her own hairstyle, one recognizably different from her sisters.  Allie's hair is angled in the front and while Anna's is shorter, it is a straight across cut.  When we arrived home from the hair salon, Anna ran into the family room to show sisters.  She walked back into the kitchen and said, "Allie's doing her jaw thing."  Oh, no.  Here we go.  Allie had a breakdown which included crawling around on the floor with a couch pillow on her back.  I kept calling her a turtle and she barely managed to suppress a smile.  She wanted to have the shortest hair.  Sigh.  There's only so much I can do here, people.  It took a few days but I think she's finally over it.

I've been running consistently now for almost two months.  It was extremely difficult physically to get back into it.  In order to avoid injury, I've been taking days off so I only end up running three times a week.  That first month was tough.  Even with days off, my legs would ache, especially during my hike to and from the train station.  That's gone now and my long run is up to 2 miles.  Woo hoo!

Another aspect of life which limits my running days is working around the girls' activities schedule.  There are two nights when I meet up with them at dance or gymnastics and we don't get back home until after 7:00.  We had a slight schedule change the second week of school.  Their tap class was packed so the studio opened up another time slot for the same class, just on a different day, which happened to be the day they have ballet.  Allie and Emily wanted to switch days and so we did.

I recently finished reading two books

and this was one of them.  I can't believe I'm admitting to have read this on a public platform but I did.  I was scrolling through newly added e-books at my library and when this popped up, I had to add it.  When I was pregnant, I couldn't do much besides puke so I spent a lot of time watching television and The Girls Next Door left me scratching my head.  But why . . .?  But how . . .?  I thought the book would answer some of my questions, and it did, but it was a bit like a reality TV show.  An interesting read, though.

I then redeemed myself by reading this.  If you enjoy historical fiction, I would definitely recommend this book.  The plot was interesting, the character development was strong and there were good descriptions of places and things.  I hate historical fiction that focuses only on narrative and movement and could really take place at any given time.  I need details regarding clothing, housing, food, etc. and this book had that.

Random photo time . . .

Looks like these evenings are over.

Random cloud photo


Farah said...

Anna's hair looks beautiful! I LOLed when you said you couldn't do much besides puke when you were pregnant. That's happening to me now...I'm only 7.5 weeks so looks like I have a long way to go!

Meaghan at Acadam said...

I feel like I've asked you this before but... Do you have a Goodreads account? I really love it to track my books and see what my friends are reading (not an ad or anything, just an interesting app/website I found and now use religiously).

MCox said...

I read Kendra Wilkinson's book in search of similar answers and admit I changed my mind about those girls after having read it. It sounds like doing that job was traumatic for all of them and I'm sorry they ever felt they had to do it. I am also glad Kendra moved on. For the record, I never watched the show, just heard about it and developed assumptions about it. Book proved me wrong.

Just the Tip said...

Can you elaborate or email me about the medication affecting her hair? Is she on the sulfur drug (bactrim/sulfatrim) or nitrofurantoin? M has been on teh nitrofurantoin for reflux the most part of 4 years...her hair is SO SO SO thin, like she has barely no hair. I'm curious as to how it could be related.


Sarah said...

I don't have a Goodreads account b/c I don't think I would have time to keep up with it.

Girls Next Door - I should have added that Holly seems like an intelligent woman and they were definitely treated unfairly (made to sign contracts without legal representation/not paid their fair share.) I saw that Kendra has a book out but my library doesn't have it (yet.)

I didn't ask for more info on the thin hair. Anna's not on Bactrim anymore. She takes something in a pill form and I'd have to check to see if it's sulfate-based. She did say that Anna's hair wasn't as thin as she thought it was going to be. In her experience, people on meds can easily have thinner hair.

Baby Detective Agency said...

Oh, goodness. I used to watch Girls Next Door, and have semi-followed the girls over the years. I've heard Kendra and Holly have had some issues after Holly's book came out, because while Kendra has moved on with her life, she's still very publicly supportive of and complimentary towards Hef. Of course, I think Kendra always viewed Hef as a father figure (let's ignore the icky aspect here) anyway, while Holly seemed to be going for an actual equal partnership... but I haven't read either of their books yet. Yeah, I feel weird talking about this too. They're a guilty pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I think Anna looks so much like you in these pictures! (Granted, I don't know you, so just based on the few pictures you've posted of yourself...)

Anonymous said...

Anna's hair looks so cute! Sorry to hear that Allie was sad.
My daughter is on nitrofurantion for 1 year. We switched after a UTI. She has fine hair but lots of it.

Teej said...

"sometimes you have to respect the side eye"

lol. love your writing style

Anna looks lovely.