Tuesday, June 23, 2015

(Dance!) Dress Rehearsal

Onstage photos and video are allowed at the dress rehearsal only.  Nothing at the actual recital.  Well, offstage is allowed.  They didn't have all the stage lights on and it was sort of backlit, which wasn't ideal, but I managed.  Allie had three costume changes:  from hip hop to ballet, from ballet back to hip hop and then back to ballet.  Thank goodness her hair didn't have to change.  At first, it was going to be high ponytails for hip hop but that was axed at the last minute and it was buns for all.  Well, her hair kind of changed with the headband and the blue flower.  Try taking those on and off without pulling a clump of hair from the bun.  Patience is required.





(One of the dancers is not like the other.  The Pink Tights Calamity)




(Go ahead and make a silly face.)





Christi said...

they look so grown up in their dance costumes this year!
I especially love the ones of them on the stairs

caislas said...

The colorful dance costumes are really beautiful, and all of them look amazingly pretty with their hair done!
Congratulations to them! (and to the parents and grandma too! ):)
- Carolina

Anonymous said...

such beauties!!

Jennifer said...

Love when you share pictures! Your girls are beautiful and your photography is AMAZING!! Now I just need to study up on who is who!

Do you actually print some of your pictures? How do you pick which ones to print and frame??!! Too may "perfect" ones! :)

Sarah said...

Thank you!

Jennifer - I actually don't print very many. Don't know what i would do with them!

caislas said...

I will make a guess, in the first photo is Anna, Allie and Emily.
All look gorgeous =) you have all the right to be a proud mama.

And following Jennifer's comment, do you print photo albums? Maybe I am "old" fashion, and people surround me, but one can enjoy and see more often the photos when we have them on paper. No only to have frames, but to actually enjoy the photos albums. Maybe you do this. It is another type of "backup". In any case, you have really nice shots! and a rich and beautiful blog to share with your girls once they grow up. :)

Have a good end of the week!

Katie said...

I just turned on The Today Show and lo and behold, there you were. I missed most of the segment. Share a link when you can!

Rhonda said...

I just saw the last second of Today Show. Great Job!

Teej said...

Saw y'all on The Today Show this morning and had this conversation with my husband:

Me: Hey! I recognize them! I read that Mom's blog!
Husband: Why do you read the blog of somebody you don't know?
Me (thinking Husband does not understand the point of blogs at all): Because the kids are cute and the Mom is real and down-to-earth.
Husband: Have you seen my other brown shoe?
{End scene.}

Anyways, it was fun to see y'all on the TV. The girls looked lovely, and you're very well spoken.

BreezieGirl said...

So cute!! My former dance days can attest to uniform hair being SUPER helpful. :)

Love all the Today Show comments - when I was on the plane back from Boston I saw a quick "this week on..." commercial for the Today Show this week and could have SWORN I saw your girls. I guess I really did!

Sarah said...

caislas - You are right! It is Anna, Allie and Emily

Teej - I know the feeling. I've had people give me the side-eye when I talk about all my moms of multiples friends I know "online." "How exactly did you meet these people?"

Thanks for the comments on the Today show. The video is up on the Today show website. They have featured videos in the right sidebar column. It's the fourth or fifth one down right down - identical multiples and identity.