Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Dance Recital

I'll begin with some superstar shots.  We went for ice cream after the dress rehearsal and there was a kid sunglass shortage, so I shared.




Because I had to keep assisting Allie with costume changes, I stayed backstage and helped wrangle kids.  At this age, there's no need for "backstage" moms but next year, I may create a "stage" mom role as the perfectionist in me can't stand to see belts tied on the right when the outfit listing specifically says it should be tied on the left.












lesley said...

I love your pictures and check in daily. The girls look great, the costumes are very pretty. Are any of the girls interested in cutting their hair? Just curious.

lesley from Cape cod

Sarah said...

Thanks, Lesley. Allie may do a hair donation. Her dance teacher asked her not to do it before the recital - lol.

BreezieGirl said...

I'll just echo Lesley because I really do love your photos and your words - and plus the dance ones make me all nostalgic for my youth. ;) Impressive bunheads too (you always do such a great job with their hair!). I love Anna's expression in the second shot with all three of them (backstage I'm guessing?), haha! And love the big sweet laughing smile on... I think Emily? second from the bottom with Anna leaning in.

Sarah said...

Thank you, BreezeiGirl. And yes that Emily smiling and Anna with her silly face (one of many) haha

Baby Detective Agency said...

You know, it's funny. I've been reading for years and don't generally have trouble telling the girls apart, but in these shots, I did. I guess the uniformity of the hair, and the makeup, really does make a difference!