Saturday, May 30, 2015

Clothing three of the same size

could be expensive but I don't allow that.  We're almost to the end of the second grade and clothing brands, trends, etc. still isn't an issue, which I think is normal for this age.  I'm not looking forward to the "I want such and such shirt because everyone else has such and such shirt."  We popped into Justice a few weeks ago so I could pick up some clothes for my niece for her birthday and I was pleased that no one asked for anything.  I'm not a fan of that store.  Why would an eight year old need extra low waist shorts?

Here's a summer shopping update:

Bathing Suits

Between the sand at the beach and the chlorine in the pool, in addition to growing kids, most bathing suits don't last longer than a year in our house.  Regardless, I still prefer to buy good quality but at a bargain price.  I'm not going to pay hundreds of $ each year for bathing suits.  I stopped buying suits at Old Navy for the kids several years ago because they weren't fully lined and the material was just too thin.  Gymboree has become my "go to" store for bathing suits. I earned GymBucks when I purchased the girls Easter clothes (and other items) when the outlet store was having an everything $12.99 and under sale.  Luckily, when I went to redeem my GymBucks online, there was a sale.

I thought these bathing suits were super cute.  The material is of a good quality, not thin and the suits are fully lined.  I've paid $10-$13 each for the bathing suits I've purchased this year.

Buying Ahead

(Sometimes unintentionally.)  I stopped the practice of buying ahead a few years ago after the girls' growth slowed and much of their clothing could be worn for more than one season.  I still do pick up pieces here and there, usually during end of season sales.  Old Navy had some maxi dresses on sale for $10 each a few weeks ago.  I picked up some in size S (which is 6-7 at ON) including the one shown below.  Wouldn't you know that they're too long so away they go until, hopefully, next year.

Some adults could use this tip:  If the maxi dress touches the ground when you're wearing it, it's too long.

Old Navy still has some tank maxi dresses on sale for $10.

Gymboree + Gymboree Outlet

I love how the outlet is interchangeable with the regular store, meaning you can earn and redeem GymBucks at both.  I never, ever buy anything full price and if you pay attention to Gymboree and the outlet (get on their email lists), you can find some great deals when they have their "everything in the store is $X or less sales."  I stopped by the outlet store a few weekends ago when everything was $9.99 or under.  I picked up this sundress - original price $29.99.  I was thinking of Anna when I saw it but she didn't like it so Emily snatched it up.


Emily's gold sandals are from Gymboree regular store - bought with Gymbucks.

It's been a struggle finding shorts that fit the girls' tiny frames.  I bought some size small at Old Navy a few years ago and those are still too big in the waist.  I realized a few weeks ago when the summer weather hit that they are still wearing size 4T shorts.  We tried some rompers this year as an alternative and Allie loves them.  Emily tried one on and exclaimed, "I was tricked into wearing a jumper!"


Christi said...

My girls are bigger now but I was all about the sales, too.

Check out Gap for shorts for petite little girls. I watched for sals, clearance, etc. the quality is good. Gap worked very well for my oldest two who are long and lean. Oh their bathing suits were some of my favorites, too. I often got them for $10-$20 and they lasted a season or more.

Leslie said...

I have trouble with shorts and pants being too big in the waist for my daughter. I'm not a sewer, but my mom uses lingerie elastic and pinches the waistband on the inside and sews the elastic there (on both sides) to take them up. You can't tell anything has been done. I don't know if my explanation was clear, but since you sew I think you'll get the gist.

Farah said...

I have always loved your posts about buying clothes. I am the SAME way when it comes to never paying full price for anything. I won't even pay "full price" at TJ Maxx,where everything is already discounted, haha! You always pick out the cutest clothes for your girls. Love those swimsuits! I agree with you about Old Navy swimsuits (and some of their clothing, actually), that the quality isn't always there.