Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Running forward. Spring.

The weather this past weekend gave us our first taste of spring.  It was warmish on Saturday and warmer (65ish degrees) on Sunday.  Sunday (coincidentally, the girls' birthday) was gorgeous.  Probably the best day, weather-wise, that we've seen thus far in 2015.  The girls, unfortunately, were distracted by new toys/crafts/stuff and weren't too interested in playing outside for long.



It was even warm enough for me to run outside on Sunday and if you know me, it basically has to be what most runners would consider too warm before I'll run outside.  I've picked up running so many times this year and had to break after a week, sometimes two weeks, sometimes one run because of illness, my back, whatever.  I've been running three times a week now for 3 weeks and my "long" run on Sunday was going to be 1.5 miles.  Yeah, super long.  I'm easing back into it.  I ended up running 2 miles - the first mile was in 10:40 and the second was 11:05.  I didn't feel so bad about myself afterwards but I can still feel it in my calves 48 hours later.

Saturday night, the girls and I checked out the pond that we all refer to as a lake.  Without the sun out, the air had chilled considerably.  Rich's brother told us that only in the past week or so were they able to actually see the water.  







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Cohu725 said...

Just started running again last weekend too - SO nice to be outside again! My girls are finally old enough to come with and keep up, which has been surprisingly fun. Different, but fun!
Also, I saw this's not an adoptive family forum and instantly thought of you, and Anna. Very cool story and legacy she's leaving (tried to leave this in an earlier comment and I think the Internet ate it - sorry if its a dupe!). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/231093482/ya-sama-the-story-of-tatyana-mcfadden