Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hey girl

Anna:  "Starting now, I'm not going to eat any meat or seafood.  Except for turkey, ham, bologna and chicken nuggets."

Me:  "Ooookay.  What about hamburgers?"

Anna:  "No.  Is there any other meat I'm missing?"

Me:  "What about meatballs?"

Anna:  "Oh, yeah.  I really like meatballs.  Add those to the list of meat I will eat."


"He must be in the 90 percent aisle."

"She has to be in the 1,000 percent aisle."


Anna:  "This is the dad. (a stuffed animal zebra)  This is the mom. (a zebra)  This is the big brother. (a zebra)  This is the sister. (a zebra)  And this is the little brother."  (a reindeer)

Me:  "Oh, was he adopted?"

Anna:  "No."

Me:  "He wasn't adopted?  Where did he come from then?"

Anna:  "From the mom."  (holds up the zebra mom)

Me:  "Oh.  Who is the dad?"

Anna:  "The dad."  (holds up the zebra dad)

Me:  "But a zebra and a zebra makes a zebra.  Not a . . . reindeer."

Anna:  "This is Toy Land.  Anything can happen."


Birthday card from classmates.  The girls think Owen's message is hysterical.



Sarah said...

Did Rich break out in a sweat when he saw that? I'd like to high five that kid!

Caroline said...

That "hey girl" thing is absolutely hilarious. That kid is a like a little Ryan Gosling.

Jenna said...

That is too funny!