Thursday, April 9, 2015

Project 30 (Part I)

I've always stayed away from photography projects like 365s where you have to take a picture a day and post it because my life is so regimented and controlled as it is (Hello, I'm a CPA.  Where's your suit?  Do you feel like that green nail polish is appropriate?) and I've always said that I don't want anything related to this blog to be that way.  But here I am in an attempt to pick up my camera more and so I thought up Project 30.  Well, I'm sure someone else has had the idea before me and I'm just copying it.  Project 30 was supposed to be exactly as it sounds - a photo a day for the 30 days in the month of April.  At first I thought it would be cool to restrict myself to one lens but that lasted for two days.  I honestly don't know what I was thinking with that idea.  And then just one photo wasn't working either because I was taking more than one and it seemed weird to post the others separately.  And then I blew the every day thing when I found myself on Day 3 focused on trying to get a run in with all the nighttime chaos and forgot to take a photo.

So, anyway, here's my first batch . . .












Kathleen said...

I can totally see identical pictures of Allie on the phone in 10 years!

Anonymous said...

Are the girls sleeping in your bed again?

Sarah said...

Anon - Um, no. They hang out in my room with me if I'm in there.

Farah said...

The pictures of them on the bed are so sweet and sisterly. What a beautiful moment you captured!

Caroline said...

They're all great but that first one of Anna (that is Anna, right?) is super beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Have been reading your blog for a long time! I love your photography and the girls are beautiful. Is Anna's top front tooth loose yet?? I'm a dentist, so it's fun to see them losing teeth in an identical pattern :)


Sarah said...

Yes, that first one is of Anna and I love it!

Kate - her top teeth aren't really lose yet but they have spread out which I'm super happy about. They were really crowded but now I can see space between them.