Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just some stuff

Sometimes I feel like my heart may implode from simple things.  Like the way Anna draws butterflies.  Or the positioning of Allie's hands when she's holding something. (I know.  Sounds weird.)  Or over how upset Emily becomes when reading a sad book, such as Paddington.  (Thanks a lot, Easter Bunny.)  There's also the feeling of exploding, mainly my head, when I have three kids coming at me from different directions with different stories and they all want my attention now.  

I can't believe we are through one week of April already.

Okay, now for some pictures.





I caught the fox in the yard one morning looking for breakfast.



Since going full frame, I haven't felt the need to use my Speedlight like I used to.  The 750 can handle the higher ISO like a champ.  Here's the exif data for the above photo:
ISO 1600
SS 1/100

I started a photo project last week.  I hope to get a post about it and some more photos up sometime this week.

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BreezieGirl said...

You have a fence again! :) ;)

Also, your new full-frame photos are just helping along my itch to upgrade. One day. One day.