Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You call this spring?

New Englanders will tell those unfamiliar with our weather that we really only have two seasons here.  And it's true.  Winter and summer.  Sometimes there's a week of spring and a week or two of autumn but mostly winter and summer.  Each year, I eagerly await summer's arrival and this year is no exception.


Yes, that was this past weekend.  Again.  Snow.  It didn't accumulate though but still, it's cold enough to snow for an extended period of time.



We had a busy Saturday and then Sunday was laundry and tax return day.  The girls had a dentist appointment in the morning after which we headed off to a birthday party for their cousin.  I hadn't realized that the girls wanted Easter dresses.  Yeah, Easter is in a week!  The forecast is for 45 degrees.  They have dresses but after we bought their first communion dresses, they asked about new Easter dresses.  Ooops.  So conveniently enough, I received an email Saturday morning announcing an everything is $12.99 and under sale at Gymboree Outlet so we stopped there on our way home from the birthday party.  And it was true, everything was $12.99 and under so three Easter dresses for a grand total of $36.  I also stocked up on bathing suits, beach cover-ups and a few adorable dresses.  I love those sales.  


Emily took that picture of me.  The camera was on manual - I did the settings for her.  All I had to do was remind her to keep the black box (focus point) on my face, make sure she could see my entire body, press the button (shutter) halfway and then all the way when she hears the beep.  I think she did a great job.


Jennifer said...

Awesome job, Emily!!

Great to see you in a picture, Sarah :)

Oh the snow…..

Laurie said...

I'm ready for summer, too! And those are the same shooting instructions I often give my husband ;)

Katie said...

I think Emily has a good eye for photos!