Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's mid-life crisis season

It's tax season.  As I prepared our tax returns this year, I realized how much I miss individual taxation.  I mostly live in the world of flow-throughs and corporations and while flow-throughs are related to individual tax, it's not exactly the same.  And when you owe money with your own tax return, it's not exactly the same.  My birthday passed at the beginning of the month so I'm feeling all mid-life crisis-y and questioning what I've done with my career because at this point, it's a bit late for any drastic changes.

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with all I have to do.  I just can't keep up and I spend my weekends running laundry and trying to clean instead of enjoying the weekend.  Cleaning is like a circular reference - it never ends.  I can never catch up.  When we do leave the house on the weekend, I feel like I fall even farther behind.  Once the kids are in bed at night and I've eaten dinner, I'm done and too tired to clean or focus on much of anything.  I've been trying to go to bed early too.  I find that life is more bearable when I'm not exhausted.

Okay, topic change.  I managed to get this picture one night last week.  It was right before the photography blue hour so the blue isn't deep but I needed to take the picture hand held so pre-blue hour it was.  Anyway, see the star?  There was a big crescent moon out there one night hanging low but it is still far too cold for me deal with the tripod outside.


Been trying to pick up my camera more.  (Still need to order that 50mm lens.)


Kathleen said...

Hang in there Sarah! I know you can do this. I truly appreciate you honestly sharing on your blog.

On another note, that picture is beautiful. You are an excellent photographer.

JEN said...

Yes, yes, yes! I hear you. My husband works long hours and I work and there is 12 loads of laundry a week plus homework, activities, baths, shopping, etc.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered hiring someone to clean your house? I was in a similar position with feeling overwhelmed. There just was never enough time to get all of the cleaning done, plus spend time with my girls. Having someone come in and clean my house opened up so much time for me! I still have to do laundry on the weekends, but not having three hours of cleaning projects on top of that makes the world of difference. (I know it can be expensive, but I posted on Craigslist and was specific about what I wanted cleaned and what I was willing to pay and that worked very well. See also - sanity saver)

Wendy said...

Pretty! If/When you get your 50, get the 50mm 1.4. The nifty 50 1.8 is good, but you have a really strong understanding of photography and would benefit from that 1.4. I have both- I upgraded to the 1.4 last year :)

katiefromtheblock said...

Beautiful picture! Just curious, what/when is photography blue hour? I've heard of the golden hour, the hour after sunrise or before sunset, but not blue hour.

Sarah said...

Thank you!

Years ago, we had cleaners and it worked well when it was the same 2 people. Then there was a sub and some of my jewelry went missing :( and now I'm afraid to have anyone back in.

Wendy - definitely getting 1.4!!!

Blue hour - it's the time after the sun goes down. you need to use a slow shutter speed and the sky turns out an amazing bright blue in photos.

maureen said...


I am not sure how old you are, but when I was 45 I left the CPA firm I was with and struck out on my own. I was a single mother of 4 at the time, now have 7 (through adoption.) I have a thriving practice out of my home. I handle lots of Flow-throughs (S-Corps and LLCs.) and lots of Individuals.

It is stll hard to balance when I am "working" and when I am not, but I feel like I am HERE for everything, not missing stuff so much.

I do NOT do laundry during my work hours, but the commute is short, so that gives me extra time! *Smile*

Sarah said...

Hi Maureen - I'm a few years younger that you were when you went out on your own. I may go in that direction some day - have given it thought. Right now, I need the benefits. But what I wouldn't give for a short commute!!