Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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I took vacation days for Wednesday and Friday, the days before and after Thanksgiving, last week.  It's the only way to go, man.  Sadly, those five days at home passed by before I was ready for it to end.  The girls had a half day of school on Wednesday and when Rich arrived home from work that night, I headed out for some (unfortunately, quick) pre-Black Friday shopping.  A little secret I stumbled upon a few years ago is the fact that many of the stores at the outlet mall run their Black Friday sales all Thanksgiving week, not just on Friday, and apparently, most people are too busy traveling or preparing for Thanksgiving the day before to go shopping.  On my side as well was the freezing rain.  I've never seen the mall so empty.  In a few stores, I was the only customer.  I picked up a ton of needed clothes for the girls for Christmas presents.  Here's what I purchased at Gymboree for only $70:  3 pairs of pajamas, 4 long sleeved shirts, 1 long sleeved shirt with a hood, 1 long sleeved dress and a pair of fuzzy dress boots.  My only disappointment was when I discovered that they no longer had the dressy Christmas clothes out.  Those had been replaced with sweaters that were meh looking.

My main goal for the long weekend was to clean up and clean out the girls' rooms.  Their definition of clean is a bit different from mine.  Mixed in there were some holiday activities and Rich ran a local 5K.  (He placed 5th for his age group.  YAY!)  I finally, FINALLY purchased the proper size comforter/quilts for the girls' beds.  We cleaned out bags and bags of old books and gave those away along with too small clothes.  There's still more that I want to do to their rooms but we're off to a good start.          





This bedroom is supposed to be an office but in order to give everyone her own space, we use it as a bedroom.


Love the haphazardly placed poster she received with her Scholastic book order.


And love catching a kid reading a book.  Who was Abraham Lincoln?


Am I the only one who feels like laundry is a part time job?  It seems like my weekends revolve around it.


Anonymous said...

1. Sarah, when you have a long weekend or some vacation days, I order you to do NOTHING. Okay?

2. I have 3 kids too (11,9,7); with laundry, try not to wash until things are worn a few times (unless they're stained). Until they're teenagers and they get BO, you can get away with this. My kids tend to be lazy and shove everything in the laundry because they don't want to fold so I've been trying to explain that all this does is delay the folding. It's taking time to influence them.

Love their rooms!

JEN said...

Laundry is a FULL TIME JOB!
We have at least 10 loads a week, and I am conservative about things. Plus there is only four of us. 3 hours to put it away on Saturday and there is still some left to do!

Caroline said...

I love their rooms! So sweet and girly. It's so great how much Emily loves to read!! Do the girls like Harry Potter, or is that too grown up for them?

Katie said...

Love the bed spreads!

Had Emily every said anything about having the smallest room?

Anonymous said...

very pretty!!!

From lesley on Cape cod

Sarah said...


We haven't tried Harry Potter yet. I'm sure they could read it but I'm not sure that they would fully understand it. I haven't read them yet. Maybe I should.

Emily loves her room and never complains. She's the most laid back - very easy going.

Unknown said...

I love their rooms! Where are the comforters from? And I have not figured out how to get the laundry under control! I have one dresser in the laundry room for my boys. That seems to help!

Sarah said...

The purple and pink ones are from Land of Nod - on sale. Emily's is from Target.