Sunday, December 7, 2014

Don't even know what to call this

Sorry it's been so quiet around here this past week.  Rich and I have both been sick.  I know.  WHOMP whomp, as Emily's fond of saying these days when something doesn't sound good.  So, yeah, this time I had a week where I wasn't sick or recovering.  I had to miss some work and I've been spending a lot of time in bed, and going to sleep as early as possible.  I'm feeling better but still have a smoker's cough.  Thankfully, none of the kids have been sick but oddly enough, some of my co-workers and Rich's were also sick but everyone was sick at the same time.  It's like some superbug descended upon the workforce after Thanksgiving.

We were supposed to get our tree this weekend.  The girls, mainly Emily, are super anxious to have it up and decorated.  I get it.  I remember that excitement from being a kid.  Unfortunately, it poured all day yesterday (I can't imagine anyone bought their tree in that mess) and this morning, Rich had a massive headache and regressed a bit with his illness, so no tree.  Poor Emily was so upset.  I've promised her that we will have a tree soon and that this will be a super awesome Christmas with no more sick people.

I was extremely impressed with the girls' creativity yesterday.  Allie wrote and directed a Christmas play.  She even had scripts for them to read.  Here are Santa and Rudolf during one of the rehearsals.


Okay, I'm going to leave you with some outdoor pictures from last weekend.  As you can see, winter had no problem settling in here.





Off to bed for me.  Six o'clock will be here before I know it. . .

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LEfting said...

Beautiful photos! Just lovely!