Wednesday, November 12, 2014

{Disney} Day 5 - Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is a table service restaurant located in the Norway section of Epcot's World Showcase.  This is a character meal featuring Disney princesses, typically Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty.  If you want to experience a princess meal, Akershus is a smart alternative to Cinderella's Royal Table.  Not only can it be quite difficult to secure an ADR at Cinderella's Royal Table, but it's more expensive to eat there as well.  If you're paying via the Disney Dining Plan, a meal at Cinderella's Royal Table will eat up two table service credits as opposed to one at Akershus.

We've eaten at Cinderella's Royal Table and it was definitely a great experience.  However, given the expense, for us, it's not a meal for every trip.  We've opted to eat at Akershus instead and we've been happy with that decision.  My kids aren't super picky with food so the menu choices haven't really been a factor for us.  While eating in Cinderella's castle is cool, Akershus is modeled after a medieval castle so technically, you are in a castle.  It's just not Cindy's castle.  I took these pictures of the inside from our table.




So here's how lunch works - you pay a fixed amount per person and for that you receive unlimited buffet (includes items such as cheeses, meats, salad and fruit), a plated entree and then dessert served to your table family style.   I didn't take a picture of my buffet selections but I did enjoy the Jarlsberg cheese (my favorite cheese) and grilled asparagus.  My entree was the chicken sandwich, which was super tasty.



Our table was given two plates of these desserts - rice pudding with a strawberry sauce, apple cake with whipped cream and a chocolate mousse thing.  You better believe I "sampled" all three.


The girls met Belle before we were seated.  Unfortunately, I spazzed out and didn't get a decent photo of that.  During our meal, four other princesses came around.







When the meal ended, the girls were happy and we were happy.  Until the bill came.  Ack!

I'll end with the many faces of Anna.



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Cynthia said...

I love Anna's smile in the picture with Sleeping Beauty!! (And the final two photos, of course)

Berty said...

Ok, so why Ack on the bill? I thought it was cheaper that Cinderella, etc?

Sarah said...

I know, Cynthia - love it too!

Berty - while it is less expensive than Cinderella's castle and we had a good meal, it's Disney so it's still a good chunk of change. And we were not on the dining plan.

Anonymous said...

Your food reviews always make me hungry!

Teej said...

What was your side dish? Is that a fancy coleslaw or something?

Sarah said...

Holly, makes me hungry too!

Teej - it was a pickled slaw. Pretty good - I put some of it on the sandwich. They've since changed the menu and the side is now a warm potato salad.

Cindy said...

We're heading to Disney in 2 weeks & your posts are getting me so fired up!

We ate at Akershus in 2012. I asked my girls if they wanted to eat there again this time & my oldest (10 years old) said, "No way! Snow White was a hot mess and had lipstick on her dress". So... I guess it made an impression.