Friday, September 21, 2012

Day Three: Cinderella's Royal Table

For those of you unfamiliar with Disney World, Cinderella's Royal Table (CRT) is located in the castle.  Because we were waiting for Rich outside of the entrance, we overheard some conversations between guests and the hostess and learned that we would be able to check in 10 minutes prior to our reservation time.  It also appeared that 3:50 was one of (if not the first) reservation times for dinner.

After having to wait in line at Akershus, I wanted to check in as early as possible.  It was now well after 3:00 and Rich was still missing.  Not only did the girls need to change but I needed to cath Anna and have Allie and Em try to go to the bathroom.  So where was Rich?  He was stuck in the afternoon parade crowds on Main Street.

After Rich finally returned with his precious cargo, I asked the hostess where the nearest bathroom was.  She directed us to the one next to Pinocchio Village Haus, which was a bummer considering they usually allow restaurant guests to use the bathroom in the castle to change clothes.  I hadn't seen anyone enter or exit so I assume that they hadn't opened for dinner yet.

When we reached the bathroom, it began to rain again.  Sigh.  I'm going to have to change where I cath Anna on our next trip.  I used the baby centers when at all possible during this trip but even there, the changing tables are out in the open and don't give her much privacy.  In addition, she's getting too big to be on a changing table.  A few times, I cathed her on the changing area in the public restrooms.  This time, there were two women there trying to clean up a baby blow-out and it was a smelly blow-out.  That changing area is long enough for two groups to use but poor Anna whispered, "It smells in here," a few times.

The heaviest part of the rain seemed to be over so we ran back across to the castle and checked in.  The line to meet Cinderella was almost out the door.  Of course.  About every three minutes or so, a CM would walk up and down the line and ask us to move up and fill in every empty space.  Am I in line to be branded or to meet a princess?  Okay, so the CM actually wasn't bothering me at all but she was annoying the hell out of Rich, which was kind of funny.





The girls met Cinderella (I think this was Cindy Meet #3) and we had photos taken.  (I was too lazy to take a picture of a picture for this blog post.  I'll have to do it later so you all can see my awesome all-black outfit.)  So here's the deal with CRT - your photo with Cinderella is free.  We were allowed two different group photos because we had a large party.  (Maybe?)  But anyway, they print out the photo (you actually receive an 8x10 and a few smaller ones) and bring it to you while you are enjoying your meal.

We were seated at a table right next to the windows (natural light!) and we were the second table the princesses stopped at after they were announced.


My sweet Allie.  I feel so bad that she wasn't able to fully enjoy this experience.


So here's a photography issue I struggled with at Disney.  I only brought two lenses with me - an 11-16mm and a 35mm prime.  The 35mm was too tight (meaning I couldn't fit everyone into the frame) for most of the character meets, especially the restaurant ones.  I ended up using the wide angle for some of the meet and greets and had it on my camera to begin with at the castle but then I switched over to my 35mm lens because I was taking pictures of the food and of the girls at the table.  So all of this is to explain why only the girls' heads are in some of these pictures.  I was backed up as far as I could go.  I had to keep apologizing to the woman next to me because I think she thought I was going to end up in her seat with her.  (I kind of spazzed too and didn't try to turn the camera vertical.)


See Allie rubbing her eye.  This was the beginning of the end.








Although my position still stands that character meals with several small child with corresponding small appetites is a waste of money, I do recommend this meal.  Especially if you have princesses of your own.  Unfortunately, it's expensive.  If you are on the dining plan, you need to say good-bye to two of your table service credits - it is worth it though.  I checked the total cost when I signed the receipts and for our meal, it was $385.  You do receive an appetizer, an entree and a dessert.  And the experience of dining in the castle.

This was my meal.




The only appetizer available to kids was a grape/cheese combo.


Anna and Allie both ordered pizza.


Em had the chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes and corn.


The girls all chose a cupcake for dessert instead of ice cream.



View of the new castle in the Fantasyland expansion area.


After dinner, Rich checked stand-by times for rides on his phone.  Splash Mountain was at 35 minutes and Big Thunder Mountain was 40 minutes.   Granted, there was a bathroom detour on our walk over to those rides and the line app could also have been incorrect but I was a bit surprised to find the stand-by time for Splash Mountain at 55 minutes.  Big Thunder had wait times listed but as we approached the entrance, we quickly realized that it had been shut down.  Boo!  I'm assuming that those in line for Big Thunder had moved over to Splash Mountain.

We were running out of time because Allie really, really needed to be in bed at a decent hour.  We decided to head over to the part of Fantasyland that was open.  The wait time for Dumbo was 30+ minutes so we settled upon Barnstormer, which had a stand-by time of 20 minutes.  It actually took almost 25 minutes.  The girls had a blast and were a bit bummed out when we told them that we needed to leave.

Just as we loaded up the van, it began to rain again.  I was sad that we left a bit early but it was the right decision.

Sleeping bebe.  (Anna)


Balcony view.



Wendy said...

We did the breakfast at Cinderella's castle when we were just there. We loved it! Zoe got all dressed up in her Cinderella costume, tiara, and my mom's vintage necklace :) It was very cute to see her reaction to everything; I felt like it was completely worth it. And yes, it is expensive but it was worth it to do a special meal like that. We sat on the opposite side from where you were, but we were pretty close to the windows, too. Such a fun experience!

Leslie R. said...

I'm kind of curious as to why you would drag Allie around Disney World if she was sick? I understand that you aren't in Disney World every day, but why spread germs to all the other families on vacation? It may have been more prudent to call the trip a bust and try again another year. As unfortunate as it would have been for Allie, it would have been the more responsible choice. If more parents kept their sick kids at home where they should be, illness wouldn't spread the way it does.

Jacinta said...

Hey, I am loving your trip journal! It's intriguing. The planning is so intense. I might be putting off Disney until my kids are older! 385 for that meal! Wow!

Stacey L. said...

Wow, Leslie, just wow. How is that your business? What are you going to have her do, go back in time and change things? All parents do what we do for many different reasons. I'm guessing you weren't at Disney World and Allie didn't get you sick, so what's the point of even asking that?

Leslie R. said...

I'm not questioning her decision as a parent,I'm questioning her decision as a member of society. If she wants to drag her kid around while she's sick, that's her business. But if she does it at the expense of other children, or other families, that's not okay. I'm tired of the, "it's my kid and I do what I want" attitude when it puts other people at risk. I never leave the house if my child is contagious, even if they "feel okay". It's not about YOUR kid, it's about OTHER people. I'm truly curious - would she have sent Allie to school that week? If the answer is no, then she probably shouldn't have been in Disney World, either.

Lucylou1709 said...

Now, I don't have any children here with me, I have one little angel boy, and that's what drew me to your blog. I am absolutely loving reading this journal of your trip! I have been following you for a while now and just think you are fabulous! I always feel so uplifted when I read your blog.
And Leslie R., I know I don't know you, but if you don't have anything nice to say, just plain don't say it. If you knew Sarah in person, would you say something to her like that, in front of all her friends and family? Then you shouldn't say it over the internet with some unreal confidence that you probably don't really have.
Carry on writing Sarah, I can't wait to hear what's happening next!

Anonymous said...

Leslie R, Sarah clearly wasn't being irresponsible, Allie is constantly in contact with her two sisters, who didn't get sick - Sarah was probably aware that Allie wasn't very contagious. These trips cost a lot of money, time etc - they can't rescheduled just like that, yes maybe if Allie had come down with something highly contagious like chicken pox it might be different.
I think that your comment was extremely rude and insulting.
Don't listen to her, Sarah - you're a wonderful mother capable of making sensible decisions!

Sarah said...

Leslie R - you know what? I just typed up a response to you and then I deleted it because I owe you no explanation at all.

Sarah said...

Okay - so I'm back because I just fully read through Leslie's comments again. (I admit that I glossed over them the first time.) Are you a doctor or a medical professional? How do you know when your kid is contagious? Being sick isn't black or white - there are a lot of gray areas.

As you'll read in my next post, we thought she had an ear infection. As a medical professional, you'll know that those aren't contagious.

It's a shame that I can't write about our family vacation without someone coming here and leaving rude anon comments. Just like I can't post pictures of clothes I make for my kids without rude anon comments.

As for being a responsible member of society, my kids are fully vaccinated. I'm sorry I don't live in your perfect world.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Sarah, I wouldn't give her the pleasure of a response either!!! When we took our two children to Disney a while back our baby ended up with an ear infection and didn't feel well the first few days we were there. With all of the cost, time, and since close to nothing is refundable, we had no choice but to push on and make the best if it. @ Leslie, mind your own business! If you want to such a great member of society, learn to keep your comments to yourself!

Hayley said...

It is a real shame that people use the comments section of your blog to attack or 'question' decisions you make for your family when it has nothing to do with them.

I come from a family of 6 and Leslie I can tell you if one of us was sick and contagious then we were all sick. If one of us felt unwell and the rest were fine it wasn't anything contagious. Just because a child isn't well you shouldn't automatically assume they need to be quarantined from everyone. Come on that is a little ridiculous.
Luckily my mum was sensible enough to know that otherwise I would have spent a lot of time at home and missed out on an awesome childhood just cause I didn't feel perfect.

Sarah I hope you can brush off comments like that and continue on with your blog as before and not second guess what you share with us. It really helps reading about your experiences and it's a little moment of fun I enjoy while putting my 16 week old to sleep.

By the way, I love the clothes you make too!

Marion said...

Leslie - if you have a problem with it, why read Sarah's blog? She owes you no explanation. An ear infection is hardly going to cause an epidemic.

Sarah - I am loving the trip report. I am just coming home from Disney with my twin 16 month olds, and I am definitely looking forward to future trips with them. Your girls are precious. :)

caislas said...

Thank you for sharing your Disney memories with us =) Hope you are re-enjoying while writing them too. As others have said, it is very enjoyable to read your blog. =)

Actually, I encourage myself to write you after I read the comments and the discussion triggered by Leslie R. Each person is a world, and there are as many opinions as belly buttons exist, which means you can find over 7 billion opinions of each subject. Personally, I do not agree with Leslie R. comments because without knowing you physically, but by following your blog I am fully aware that you are someone who cares about A LOT for your love ones and your society. I feel the comment out of place, even if she does not know you, she can read the blog to answer the question.

Oh well, you and some of your readers have already answer to Leslie R. and/or give food for the though. Thank you for the discussion, I honestly learn a lot when people put though in their arguments.

In anywise, as I said we are +7 billion people in the planet, from those take the comments that help you to grow, to think and continue your path, the others, well thank you for them, but DO NOT LET THEM TO AFFECT YOU. The diversity of people is HUGE, which actually is great, and life is too short and precious to do not live it at full.

You are doing YOUR BEST! in all the roles you are playing (as a daughter, woman, mother, wife, worker, citizen, blogger, photographer, etc.) and that is what it matters! :)

Looking forward for the next post =)

Just the Tip said...

Oh god. I just wanted to ask how much Anna weighed because I can't remember and we are running into problems with some changing tables not being big enough for Peyton, especially the oval-type ones. I know P is probably shorter than Anna since she's not even 3 yet but she weighs abut 33lbs, I never see weight limits but a couple I have not felt safe enough and have had to get her to lay on the floor (eww) or try to do a diaper standing up!

I know it is ALOT harder for you to find a sanitary and large enough place to actually cath Anna.

We are starting to try pull-ups but gosh I hate to have to take her shoes and pants off to be able to put a new one on, so sometimes diapers are just easier.

And as for Leslie..I guess you're right a 2 day car trip would be exactly what poor Allie needed while she was so sick. As the mother of a child with TWO immune disorders I would not have asked Sarah to sacrifice their family vacation because Allie was sick, She was still functional and it's part of life to inevitably feel crappy doing something you love at some point. Grow up and get out!

Lily said...

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Btw, I literally could eat up Anna in that last picture!!

Mary said...

Leslie is a troll. Wikipedia states the following "a person who defaces Internet sites with the aim of causing grief to families. A troll is someone who posts inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussions. And that is all I am going to say about Leslie. Sarah I have followed your blog since the beginning. I enjoy your writing and photos, and I look forward to each new post. I realize with all you do, you are one busy lady, but if you ever have the time could you put all your sewing creations that you make for the girls in one folder or link, and your Mom's also. You are both so talented. You and Rich are doing a fabulous job, keep doing what you are doing. A follower from South of Boston

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Your girls are so adorable. The dresses you sewed are beautiful and I secretly want one for myself. I am really enjoying your Disney trip report. My son is only 9 months but I'm already mentally planning our disneyworld adventure. I'm really sorry that you have people like Leslie r. With their unsolicited advice. I've been following your blog for the past 3 years and I'm coming out of lurking to let you know that I appreciate you sharing your family with us. Please don't let unkind comments ever bother you. :)


Sarah M.

Stacey L. said...

Sarah, not too sure but do they have family restrooms at Disneyworld? I know there are very few at Disneyland, but maybe that would be a place to cath Anna. I agree the baby changing centers offer very little privacy. Maybe you could email or call guest relations and mention your situation and see what they suggest. Also, I wish we had something like the CRT at Disneyland, the closest thing we have in Ariel's Grotto, but the picture isn't included and it's not nearly as pretty as the CRT looks to be.

Sarah said...

Thank you for the positive comments and support.

Wendy - I'm glad to hear that Zoe enjoyed her meal in the castle too!

Just the Tip - Anna is about 38-39 inches tall and weighs about 31 pounds. Have you tried the pull-ups that open and close on the side? I hate the ones that don't for the very same reason. I can still cath Anna on some changing tables but she needs to keep her knees bent and I have to place some of the stuff around her feet. She's old enough now to cooperate and not kick anything.

Stacey - DW did have family bathrooms (I used them with Allie and Em) but they didn't have changing stations and I didn't want her on the floor. I'm almost positive that the First Aid centers have cots that we can use but I need to investigate.

Mary - I've been meaning to pull together links for all our sewing projects. I'll put that on my list - I'm glad a few of you are interested.

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to read more! I'm looking forward to your links on sewing projects :)

Thanks for sharing your Disney adventure!

Teej said...

I don't think I would quarantine a child from a long-planned, much-anticipated, very expensive vacation unless they were actually broken out in the pox. I guess I am a terrible person. :P

Sarah, however, is my hero for her gracious responses to trolls!

Ami said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! I'm chuckling uncontrollably. My guess is that Leslie doesn't have triplets. If I could only leave the house when all three of my trips were in TIP TOP shape, we'd probably never get to go anywhere!! Sarah, you keep on keepin' on! You were hardly being irresponsible. I, too, am loving the trip journal!

pyjammy pam said...

Baaah ha ha haha! That Leslie! What a joker!

Anonymous said...

I had to jump in to say to Leslie, just because Allie didn't feel good, doesn't mean she was contagious with the plague. Her sisters didn't get sick. Her parents didn't get sick. Her grandmother didn't get sick. She just didn't feel good.

Perhaps instead, as a member of society, you should keep your family out of public. Just in case.

Brenda Fraser said...

I've been reading your blog for many years and I just wanted you to know this was out there:

Sorry people suck.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Brenda. The Mommy Wars now extend to what you do when your kid is "sick" and judging other parents. It's not even worth my comment but the OP did twist what was going on with Allie. If she really had been that sick she wouldn't have left the hotel room.

Sarah said...

Brenda - I realize that my tone may have sounded snarky towards you. It wasn't at all. Sorry if it reads that way.