Monday, November 3, 2014

{Disney} Day 4 - Another magical rainy day

After our tasty, entertaining breakfast, we rode the monorail, incident-free, to the next stop - Magic Kingdom. At this age, Magic Kingdom continues to rank as the girls' favorite park. Plus, we wanted to take full advantage of the convenience of staying at a Magic Kingdom resort. As I had promised the girls on our first day that we would ride Haunted Mansion when the stand-by time was short, we made that our first stop, seeing as the stand-by wait was only 10 minutes. I should note that it was still raining (sigh) so finding indoor rides/attractions was high on the list of activities that morning. Next up was the Country Bear Jamboree. I wouldn't place this on the list of favorites but it was entertaining enough.

We knew that Jasmine and Aladdin were meeting and greeting in their usual spot next to the Magic Carpets but when we arrived, sadly, the line was roped off and guarded by a cast member. I politely asked if we could join the line and after eyeing us with suspicion, he cast aside the rope and allowed us in.  Subsequent guests were informed that the line was closed and they should come back later. I suppose that was our pixie dust for the day.


I finally broke out my wide angle lens.


The rain had ended (for the time being) so we decided to take our chances and wait in the Tiana line.




After meeting Tiana, we ate a snack/light lunch at Casey's. Well, I don't suppose anything at Casey's can be described as "light" but we shared items so that made it light. Sort of. The girls still hadn't seen a parade so when a street party thing came through Main Street, we became onlookers. Next up was our FP+ time to meet Tinker Bell. The stand-by wait was 10 minutes but I think we ended up waiting longer than that in the FP+ line.


Tink kept asking Emily about the "frog" on her shirt.


And then we were off to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Grammy doesn't/can't do roller coasters but BTMR is a good one because I can fit in a seat with two kids. I had to laugh at Anna riding with both of her arms straight up in the air while I sat there with my arm around here, keeping her in her seat. We happened to be sitting in the very last car and I was thankful for that bar across my lap. We hit one bump and I was lifted off of the seat.

The girls really, really wanted to see the the afternoon parade (well, at this point, any Disney parade) so we found spots in Frontierland that could offer some protection from the spitting rain.  After waiting for 30+ minutes, it was announced that the Festival of Fantasy Parade was canceled due to the threat of nearby storms but don't be sad, the Rainy Day Parade would be rolling through for our enjoyment. The Rainy Day Parade consisted of three vehicles with different characters dressed in rain gear. And it rolled through all right.  Blink and you'd miss it.  The girls were like, "That's the parade?" At that point, I wasn't feeling too optimistic about the Electrical Parade that was scheduled to take place in a mere five hours. The Electrical Parade is not a nightly event and this day was our last chance to see it.

I put on a happy face and we headed off to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel with our FP+.






Because it was going to hopefully be a late night, we left the park and took the boat back to our rooms at the Polynesian for a rest break.  More for the adults than for the kids.



Up next - How electrical would our evening be?


The Yarbrough's said...

Disney will cancel a meet and greet, rides & parade in a heart beat if they spot any storms. It happened to us while we were there too. Sorta aggravating.

Jena said...

I am tired just reading all your Disney posts. Man, I had no idea so much was involved.

As a Florida Native, your experience is so different from ours. How exhausting!

My recollections of Disney are being dropped off as a teenager, running rampant through the parks & then getting picked up as soon as the parent that dropped us off, got off work.

Katie staten said...

I enjoy reading your blog, I rarely comment, sorry about being a quiet reader. Your girls are wonderful. I don't even know how I found your blog. I found another blog recently with a family that have identical triplet baby boys.
In case you would like to follow them.
Thanks for the good reads. :-)

Nyssa said...

I don't have a desire to go to Disney but I enjoy reading your Disney posts. The work that you and Grammy put into the clothes are adorable and would really add to the experience for your girls I suspect. I've enjoyed reading your blog for over two years now, thank you.