Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{Disney} Day 1 - The Polynesian

Our rooms were located in the Tuvalu longhouse, which faces the lagoon.  To clarify, half of the rooms in that longhouse overlook the lagoon, while the others face the marina, walkways, another longhouse, etc. Our rooms were in the latter category, which was perfectly fine.  Now that we've stayed there, I understand how the resort categorizes the rooms.  This longhouse contained three floors.  All the rooms on each floor had massive sliding glass doors.  The rooms located on the first floor opened to a sitting area holding two chairs while the rooms on the top floor had a lanai (fancy word for balcony) also with chairs.  Our "standard view" rooms were located on the second floor and our sliding doors opened to a railing.  You couldn't even step out onto anything.  The rooms on the first and third floors must have been the next category up, which is "garden view."  It rained so much and we spent so little time in the rooms, it wouldn't have been worth paying more for a balcony.  Although, we did spend more time than usual in the rooms because of the rain but either way, it wouldn't have changed the rooms we booked.  I did like how giant the doors were though and the natural light they provided.


Love the kids running around in these pictures.




The rooms and the bathrooms were spacious.  I wish my bathrooms at home had that much space.



That's one view from our room.

After settling into our rooms, we headed to Captain Cook's, a quick service restaurant at the resort, for lunch.


Grammy and Rich both ordered the pulled pork nachos.  They were quite tasty.  Allie and I decided to share the tuna croissant sandwich, which was listed on the menu.  Now, had I known that it was pre-made and in the refrigerator, I probably wouldn't have ordered it but I didn't know and so that's what we got.  My fears were unwarranted as we could tell right away that it was fresh.  And very good.

I realized during this trip that I will never be a good Disney food blogger.  I was going to take a picture of the tuna sandwich and some of the other food items but I volunteered to trek back to our room to fetch the girls' hoodies because it was beyond freezing in the restaurant.  By the time I returned, everyone had started eating and I needed to catch up.


This is a good time to introduce you to T.C. or "The Traveling Cow."  He belongs to Allie's class and he travels with kids, who write all about his adventures in his travel log.  I was happy that Allie spoke up and asked her teacher if he could accompany us.  She can be a bit shy.  Expect to see him in some photos throughout my recap.

After lunch, it was time for the magic to begin.  Our room location was ideal in that it was located near the boat launch.


Our rooms were located in the building you see on the left side of the picture.  The boat launch is at the end of the dock you see to the right.  We did have to walk up and around the marina but it wasn't a very long distance.  This resort has a smallish boat (compared to the one at the Ticket & Transportation Center) that goes directly across the lagoon and drops you off in front of Magic Kingdom.  The return trip to the resort is a bit longer because you stop at the Grand Floridian first.  And speaking of the Grand Floridian, there was our view of it from the boat.


Not liking the look of those clouds though.


~To be continued~

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Cynthia said...

Seeing the details of the room makes me excited for my upcoming trip to Disneyland (we're staying at the Disneyland Hotel).