Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer reading

The second grade edition

If I were to give the girls the option of either reading for 10 minutes (aloud or to themselves, which, according to Anna is called reading in your brain) or working on math facts, the unanimous answer would be READING.  So while we may have failed slightly to keep the math facts flowing this summer, reading has not been an issue.  There have been weekly visits to the library and a steady rotation of books scattered about the house.  It's funny because the girls don't struggle with math at school but they just don't like it.

Last month, Allie discovered the Magical Fairy books and based on how many of them have been checked out to our family, it's safe to say that they're pretty popular.  With only 5-6 chapters, they're an "easy" read and even though the girls know what's going to happen (fairy loses critical object, fairy enlists help of two girls, two girls help fairy retrieve object from Jack Frost's evil goblins, order is restored across the land), they keep on reading them.  I think I should write Sarah the Tax Return Fairy because that book doesn't seem to exist.

There've been some Oliver Moon books floating around and Emily has read quite a few American Girl Doll books.  They had checked out the Isabelle book from the library after they had seen the movie and Emily said she didn't know if she wanted to read the book because she had seen the movie.  No, no, no.  I told her the book was always better than the movie and so she read the book and agreed.

We've had a few nights where Anna has stayed up until 9:00 or later reading.  She's usually the first one asleep too so that's been a surprise.  Not something I encourage but it's made me smile.  And last weekend, I could hear the girls in the playroom with Rich while I was upstairs taking care of laundry.  I  thought they were all in there but I found Emily like this. . .


School starts soon!


Jennifer said...

Just checking in on you :)

Sarah said...

Hi! Thanks for checking in. Just overwhelmed - school, tax season and everything else. I hope to be back soon.

Jennifer said...

I figured, but just wanted to check. May it ease up some soon!