Saturday, July 12, 2014

More NH pictures, with commentary


We ate breakfast each morning at the hotel, more for convenience than any other reason.  They offer a complimentary continental (and it's very continental) breakfast, which we took advantage of, along with ordering some items off the menu.  The breakfast sandwich and pancakes were yummy and Allie was fond of the breakfast potatoes.

The girls have always been well behaved in public places.  Not that they're aren't well behaved at home.  They definitely have their moments but they seem to reserve those for home, thankfully.  One morning, Rich and the girls headed downstairs a few minutes before me and Grammy.  We were expecting to find them waiting in the lobby but when we didn't, I snuck a peek into the dining hall and spotted them already at a table.  I was going back out to grab Grammy when the hostess, who had seated us every morning, asked. "Are you looking for your cherubs?"      



This kid cracks me up.




Hey, about a picture of. . . oh, forget it.





Check out this luna moth.  We found it on the side door to the hotel and had to google it because we had never seen one before.  It looks like it's not very common to see them during the day and oddly enough, Rich pulled out his phone and showed us a picture of a luna moth that had been hanging out on the door to his bank the week before.


Because the girls hadn't been able to swim the night before due to the storms, we gave them a little bit of swim time with their cousins before we headed over to Story Land.  These are views from the pool area.




One of the girls' newer, but not newest, cousins.  Over the past 10 months or so, they've acquired five new baby cousins.  Some aren't first cousins but their first cousins' babies, but still, how crazy is that?

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Ande Malinowski said...

That's awesome! 5 babies in one year! They will grow up having very fond memories. I am 1/5 cousins born in a year, and it is always fun to get together with everyone! Although, I have never heard of another group of 5!