Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The tooth (and the drama)

She greeted me in the front hall by the door as I made my transformation from Sarah, CPA to Sarah, Mommy.  Her front baby tooth had loosened considerably during the school day, most likely due to encouragement from friends to wiggle it, and she was eager to show me how it flopped back and forth,  hanging on by a thread.  I suggested that she wiggle it even more, fearful that if it didn't pop out soon, it would be consumed with her lunch the next day at school.  She proceeded to push it around and a minute later, she screamed with excitement as she held a baby tooth, her first lost tooth, in her hand.

I briefly celebrated with her before she sprinted up the stairs to show Daddy.  I then headed into the kitchen, poured some water into a glass and popped a much needed Advil into my mouth.  But I couldn't swallow it.  I stood in front of the sink with a sip of water and a rapidly dissolving Advil in my mouth trying not to laugh, or choke, as my other two dear children pitched the biggest fits because their sister, their lucky sister, had lost a tooth.

Allie sat on the floor, curled up against the cabinets crying, "No one even remembers when I lost a tooth!  It's not even that big of a deal!"

And then there was Anna, stomping her feet.  "I'm never going to lose a tooth!  I'm going to be a grown up with all baby teeth!"

I had to spit out the Advil because I couldn't stop laughing.

Don't be in such a rush to grow up, little ones.



Ashlee said...

It's hard to decide if Allie or Anna's comment made me laugh harder!

This might be my favorite of your posts! Congratulations to Emily! ;)

Kayla said...

What an exciting day! This is such a great story and I belly laughed at all 3 reactions. I am so excited for Emily and I can empathize with forgotten Allie and poor, poor Anna with her full set of baby teeth, lol(the empathy is a little sarcastic and I'll tell you why...)
My twins (5)haven't lost any teeth yet, but their big sister (9)just lost her last one. They both pitched fits that they haven't even lost one yet! Also, they both insist that their teeth ARE loose. Finally, Sami cried and cried with the unfairness of it all when Danielle had a molar come in. We had to listen to it at least once a week for 6 months at teeth brushing time, until one of hers finally decided to pop in. Gah! Multiples :)