Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Mini Minnie Tote

Emily's BFF's birthday party was last weekend and we wanted her gift to be special so I decided to sew this little tote bag for her.  I hemmed and hawed over which fabric to use but ultimately went with Minnie as BFF will be vacationing at Disney in near future.



I've come to the conclusion that I need a sewing room.  (Hey, we all have dreams!)  Not just a sewing cave in the basement but a room with a large craft table so I don't have to crawl around on the floor whenever I need to cut fabric.  I swear it feels like I spend almost as much time cutting as I do sewing for some of these projects.  The quilting for this bag took a really long time, more time than actually sewing the bag together, but I think it looks great and was well worth the effort.


The bag is about a foot tall.  I wrapped the other presents and placed them inside.  This was sort of a last minute project (what isn't?) so I didn't have time to consider embroidering her name on it, which is what Emily wanted me to do.  She was so funny, insisting that if I didn't embroider BFF's name or the initial of her first name on it than she wouldn't know it was a bag for her and would think that it was just a regular, old gift bag.

Coming up (hopefully real) soon:  Allie's dance bag


Katie said...

Cute bag!

If you're in the market for a quick craft table solution, IKEA sells big table tops with attachable legs that might work. I bought a massive table top (they come in different sizes) and four attachable, "screw on" legs for forty dollars. It's super easy and simple (it took me about three minutes to assemble).

MCox said...

Really nice. I love the matching polka dot trim.

I hear you about the need for space. I just have a tiny corner in my basement and I usually just pile one half finished project on top of the other while working on the current project. I don't even have space down there to cut out patterns; must do on my living room floor. Would be so nice to have a table and not hunch over!