Thursday, March 6, 2014

The weekend edition

For whatever reason, or really, for a variety of reasons, the girls were a bit grumpy last weekend, which in turn meant that I was a bit grumpy and also tired due to the earlier than usual morning wake-up calls.  The girls would play together and then argue and then play together and then argue.  The arguing began to heavily outweigh the calm and then Allie's Barbie hit Emily's Barbie but really hit Emily and it happened again and then I told them all to go their rooms. (Now I know how my dad felt when we were kids.)  "I don't want to hear anyone!"  They only stayed up there for five minutes but it was long enough for them to stop with the crazy.

Emily has three Ramona books and she's quite protective of them.  I know it's not "fair" to have to share everything but that's kind of life.  Plus, they're just books.  It's not like your sisters are going to eat them.  So, anyway, Allie'd been trying all week to see if she could read one (and she's really not at that point yet in her reading journey) and Emily wouldn't let her.  So Sunday night as I was saying goodnight to Emily, Allie appeared at the side of Emily's bed.

Allie - "Emily, I'm really sorry I hit your leg with the Barbie.  Can I look at one of your Ramona books ?"
Emily - "NOOOO!"

I managed to convince her to allow Allie to borrow one of the books for a short period of time.  And do you know what happened?  Allie returned in five minutes later.  That's it.  She just wanted to look at it.  The best was 10 minutes later when I checked on Anna one last time and found her in bed reading Ramona and Her Mother, Emily's book.

Me (whispering) - "Anna, where did you get that book?"
Anna (whispering) - "From Emily's room."
Me (whispering) - "Does she know that you have it?"
Anna (whispering) - "No."
Me (whispering) - "You may to keep it that way."




I cannot put this book down.



"Why is there white paper spread out all over the floor?"
"It's snow."





Queen Emily (see how she is making a queen face) stayed at our house this weekend along with Princess Anna, who also played the dual role of Housekeeper.



There were royal pets as well.


Some old pictures I came across...


Me in first grade, the same age as the girls.  I don't see any resemblance at all!


Corporate America, 1997.


Lauren M said...

Wally Lab is probably one of my favorite authors ever, good choice! I love how all of your girls are into books, smart little ladies!

Katie said...

I remember reading Ramona when I was that age. As the older sister, I usually identified with Bezus.

Would the girls like the Fudge books? They might be a reading level too high for them right now but they are seriously awesome.

Also, awesome job raising some book lovers! It's so exciting when kids are into reading.

Macchiatto said...

Aww, I loved the Ramona books! (And the Fudge books, too.)

Anonymous said...

It's almost scary how much they look like you. Wow.