Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby E

This past weekend, I stitched out my first embroidered applique.  Well, I didn't actually do the stitching - the machine did.  And I most definitely can't take credit for the design.  I'll never be talented in that area.  I have to say that I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to figure things out from the technology side but it was fairly simple.  I purchased the design online and downloaded it to my Mac.  All I had to do from there was save the file to a thumb drive and then pop the thumb drive into the sewing machine.

I did make some mistakes, which I expected myself to do, but hopefully the next one will be almost perfect.

Mistakes & Lessons Learned
  1. I used the wrong kind of felt.  Well, I think I did.  It needs to be washable and because the package doesn't say it's washable, I'm going to assume that it isn't.  
  2. Some of the stitching is supposed to be pink but I changed up the thread at the wrong time.
  3. I used a touch of spray adhesive on the back of the blue fabric.  I take the directions on those types of things very seriously and because the canister says to use in a well ventilated area or it could cause flash fires, I attempted to spray it outside the basement door, which didn't work out so well due to the wind.  So some adhesive landed on the front of the fabric and it won't wash off.  You can kind of see it on one of E's arms.
  4. The thread did break once but that was due to my own mistake.
  5. There needs to be another adult in the house.  At one point, the girls were upstairs freaking out and screaming over a, yes I'm being serious, ladybug.  Our house always has at least one living ladybug in it and this one happened to be in the playroom.  The girls tried to trap it under a play cup but that didn't work out so well so I had to take over. 

So here's Baby Eeyore.  I decided to try out this design first as it is a pretty simple one.  Oh, I did buy solid pink fabric for round 2.  This was the only pink I had on hand.  Allie's second favorite buddy, after Elmo, is her Eeyore so she was happy to see this guy.


Sewing projects this week include two tote bags.  One is for Allie for dance.  She requested (and begged for) a new dance bag after seeing Emily's bag.  I wasn't going to tell her that she needed to throw up on her old one in order to receive a new one either.  Anna is my practical child and doesn't understand why her sisters want new dance bags.  The second bag is for a gift.  I cut out Allie's bag last night but because I ran tonight (2.25 miles of speedwork), I didn't have any time to sew.  And now, I'm going to bed.


Jan said...

Oh my - this is so cute! And you did a great job!!

Teej said...

I thought for a second that "Baby E" meant you were about to announce your 3rd pregnancy and fifth baby. :)

Just the Tip said...

Super cute. I have a sewing machine I've never used completely understand the feeling intimidated aspects and that I can't fit anything else into my brain.
I'm gonna try to send you an email this morning to the yahoo one listed about Anna's IEP. Our district keeps saying her PT is a medical need not school and wants to do a medical plan not an IEP so I'm very curious about yours!!!

Sarah said...

Teej - LOL, that was the last thing on my mind!!!

Hmmm - it must be different by state. Anna's needs are just medical but it's still on an IEP. They have different categories for IEPs and medical is one of them.

::e:: said...

I got an emb machine for Christmas, and my sister wants me to applique a shirt for my niece's first birthday. I'm terrified to try! LOL your baby Eeyore is absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

hihi.. just want to share the latest fabric design by kimberland,my blog friend's daughters.

Anonymous said...

Random question: just put my baby in a sleep sack, and remembered your girls stayed in sleep sacks a long time (maybe still?). Did they learn to unzip them themselves? How did getting up in the night work?

Sarah said...

re: sleep sacks. They did wear them for a long time but I think we stopped shortly after they moved to beds. If they did learn to unzip them, I don't remember it being a problem.