Monday, February 24, 2014

The chicken

Well, what I was going to post will have to wait until tomorrow night as I still need to download photos from my camera.  I didn't sit down to eat dinner until just after 9:00 tonight because I ran (only 2 miles) and then did some weights and ab work.  I'm trying really hard to get back to running but it's been a bit of a struggle.  The kids were up sort of early the past three mornings, so the lack of some much needed rest on my end has been dragging me down.  With each passing day, I feel my age creeping along with me.  And then there are my creaky knees.

The girls have seen the new Disney Nature movie (the one with the bears) advertised on the Disney Channel, of course, and they have asked if we can go see it when it comes out in theaters.  They, most especially Allie, have an interest in animals (we have quite a few books) and I thought it was adorable how she paused the tv and then came to find me in the house so I could see the commercial.  I read an adaptation of Black Beauty to the girls last week and Allie bawled at the part when Ginger dies.

I was surprised to hear Allie make this comment to Rich last night as he was cutting up a chicken we had cooked:  "I bet that chicken is happy that his life is over because now he can begin a new one in your stomach."  I guess that's a good way to look at it.

I'll end with The Baked Beans Discussion:

Allie:  I like them cold.
Allie's BFF:  I like them hot.
Anna:  I like them zero.


Erin said...

My preschooler has been asking if this food is a plant or if that food is from an animal. She asked where BBQ ribs came from & my husband told her from a pig. She thought about it then concluded "Pigs are delicious!"

Cindy said...

Creaky knees are plaguing me too.
I like your girls conversations. They are funny :)

Wendy said...

omg :*) "I like them zero."