Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Disney dress designs (by the amazing LeBlanc Triplets)

I have an embroidery machine and it's still hanging out in it's box because I haven't had anywhere to set it up and I haven't had time to read the instructions and quite possibly, I'm slightly intimidated at the thought of using something new.  I don't know why new things frighten me but they do.  I often feel that my brain can't handle any additional data.  My disk space is full.

During my super exciting weekend of laundry and bathroom cleaning and play date supervising, which by the way, was a super easy awesome play date, I finished up a sewing project, which took much longer than I thought or wanted it to, and then came to the conclusion that I need to do some cleaning and rearranging in my sewing area in order to unpack my embroidery machine.  By the way, I don't really like the term "play date" but I feel compelled to say it as it's a such a widely used term these days.  Definitely wasn't around when I was 6 years old though.  We just went over to a friend's house to play.  No need to be a date.  Lives weren't so scheduled back in the good old 70s.

Anyway, the girls are really excited over the prospect of me creating appliques.  They are mainly focused on our Disney trip right now as I've started to make plans and discuss different options with Rich and the girls.  So I allowed them to peruse various appliques the other day on my computer which prompted them to create some dress designs.

The first up was Emily.


Allie pointed out that Elsa was sideways on the dress and Emily just shrugged.  I pointed out that she was going to sweat away if she wore long sleeves during our visit.  

Allie spent a lot of time drawing and designing.



Over the weekend, Allie pulled out her Disney trip autograph book from 18 months ago and we flipped through it together.  During that trip, the girls had been doodling and writing in their autograph books after the characters had signed them.  Grammy made a few attempts to convince them to quit and while I'm normally the complete opposite of a doodler in an autograph book, I let them do whatever they wanted to.  It was funny now to look back and see how Allie had been drawing the character because she couldn't read all the autographs so if she looked at her drawing, she would know who the character was.  Very clever.

That one of Eeyore was our favorite.

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