Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snapshots of life

No matter how many times I say it correctly, the girls still refer to February 14th as Valentime's Day.  I was pleasantly surprised with their maturity this year in preparing valentines for their classmates.  Allie decided to make Rainbow Loom bracelets for everyone and she did so without any assistance from me as I refuse to learn how to use the thing.  She checked off names from her class list, bagged them up and made name tags all by herself.  Emily and Anna went the traditional route of store bought valentines that came with pencils and tattoos.  They both addressed all of theirs without any prodding or supervision.  It was a nice, unexpected break for me.

After their school parties to exchange valentines, Allie told me how some of her classmates had thanked her for their bracelets and that they had really seemed to like them.  She said that she'd appreciated that. Maturity and politeness all around.


Playing school is a common pastime in our home.






Some funnies...

Rich - "Couples massage?"
Me - "Um . . . yeah . . . that's not really my thing."
Rich - "Do you know what a couples massage is?"
Me - "Yes, I know what a couples massage is. (insert eye roll) It's a couple getting massages side by side."
Allie - "Well, that sounds embarrassing."

Allie - "Waaaah.  Where's Daddy?"
Me - "He has a board meeting tonight, honey.  I wonder if he's bored.  Ha ha.  Do you get it?  Board.  Bored."
Emily - "Well, if I had a board meeting I would just say that I'm sick and cancel it."



Allie drew this on recycled packing paper.  A few interesting items to note:  The three girls are all dressed the same, which they never are in real life, and they are standing between Mommy and Daddy, not to one side of us.  Allie is in the middle of her sisters, which is not baby birth order.  I'm the first person in the picture and I have the biggest head.

(Family and Emily are not spelled correctly but Allie said that it's because in her name the i comes after the l, so she did that with the other words.)


BreezieGirl said...

Love this post! Such cute snippets. I definitely thought it was interesting that she drew herself and her sisters as "identical" (when I can tell from your posts over the years that they don't dress alike usually and personalities and what not are different).

Impressive valentines too (and hooray for politeness and maturity! a reflection of awesome parenting :)).

Anonymous said...

When I read this article yesterday, I thought of you, but now the drawing of the identical girls makes it even more interesting: For what it's worth, it seems like your girls are already rather independent. Anna knows her own mind, for sure!