Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A day in the life summary

A weekday

5:50 - I hear Rich's alarm go off from Allie's bedroom, where I've been sleeping since 1:30.

6:05 - Up for the day.  Morning is not my friend.

7:15 - Rich and I leave the house.

7:20 - Rich drops me off at the train station.

8:25 - I arrive at the office.

Work, meeting, work, meeting, lunch at my desk, work, work, work.

5:20 - Leave the office for home.

6:30 - Arrive home.

6:45 - Begin the bedtime routine.

Teeth brushing, showers, pajamas, bedtime story, cuddles, math facts, cuddles, kid reading, cuddle, kid reading, cuddles.

8:05 - The kids are finally tucked in and I change into my running clothes.

Walk, run, stretch, weights, stretch, abs.

8:55 - I sit down to eat dinner that, thankfully, Rich prepared.

10:30 - Time for bed.


Aimee said...

That is one sucky timetable! Where do you find time for sewing?!

Katie said...

Sarah I never understand how you can do so much in your day with so little sleep- if there was an award for that I would totally nominate you!

It's awesome that you got a run in though. Sometimes runs are necessary after a long day.

Jennifer said...

I'm so impressed that you even find time to work out. I think I'd be collapsed on the couch by the end of your day!

Sarah said...

I usually sew on the weekends. I try to run on Friday and Sunday so I only have to do 1 weeknight run. Doesn't always work out that way though.

Sarah said...
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JEN said...

I thought I had a long day. Wow, you're amazing!