Monday, January 13, 2014

The Tooth Fairy

Wednesday, January 8th
9:10 PM

"Allie.... Allie.... It's Mommy.  I'm home now.  Wake up, honey.  Do you want to show me your tooth?  Allie?....Allie?"

The kid would not wake up.  She rolled around and moved her lips like she did when she was a baby but she wouldn't wake up.  I wish I could sleep like that.

I did see her new smile at two in the morning though.  Funny how that works.



These were made in anticipation of the tooth actually coming out.

At first, she was cool with the whole tooth fairy thing.  Then she balked and decided to ask the tooth fairy to leave the tooth and money.  So the tooth fairy did.  


I'm so tired I can't quite get the right words out but I want to say that it's amazing being able to watch my kids grow.  I'm so lucky.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet your such a great mom