Sunday, December 1, 2013

Project Gobble (and sewing links)

If you haven't noticed and you probably haven't, I've added a Sewing page up at the top there.  I thought it would be a good place to keep links to all my sewing projects.  Although, I'm sure I've missed a few.

For Thanksgiving, I had planned to sew three skirts for the girls using some turkey fabric I had.  I usually start with the easiest skirt, which this time around was Emily's.  And by easy, I mean I can do whatever I want to with the design and fabric choices.  It's not necessarily the easiest to sew.  I decided to go with a twirl skirt.





Allie designed her skirt based on a skirt Grammy had made for Emily last year.  This is a super easy skirt (easy as in easy to sew) with a ruffle on the bottom and then a ribbon around the top of the ruffle.


(I ran out of time to take more pictures.)

And then there was Anna.  I typically wait until after I've finished Allie's and Emily's projects so Anna can see exactly what they will be wearing and can decide or give input into what she wants.  She likes to be different and wants to see exactly what her sisters will be wearing so she can wear something different.  All along she had been saying no to the orange fabric as it was "too Halloweeny."  Then she didn't want a skirt.  She wanted a dress.  The clock was ticking so I told her I could only make a jumper.  She agreed but said that she wanted buttons, not knots.  Okay, fine.  I was almost finished sewing together the top part of the jumper when she mentioned pants on the jumper, not a skirt.  This was the night before Thanksgiving.  I didn't have enough fabric or a pattern.  She had changed her mind at least five times that afternoon.  Finally, she told me she didn't want anything, that she was just going to wear "normal" clothes.  I felt bad that I didn't make her anything but it was obvious that she wasn't interested and I wasn't going to force her to wear something.

Earlier in the week, I had big plans to whip up little placemats for all the kids to use for Thanksgiving dinner.  And then I was going to make a table runner for the grow-up table.  Yeah, none of that happened.  Maybe next year...        


Michele said...

That is so pretty! Maddie wanted a twirl skirt last August, so we bought material, and I printed out your tutorials. I cut the fabric and haven't sewn a thing. Feel like a loser.

Sarah said...

Michele - It's not like you don't have any else going on. It's hard carving out sewing time.