Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Life, v6.5

"Anna, you know I can't sleep in here with you next week.  Santa might miss you on his kid radar if I'm in the bed.  Maybe tonight would be a good night to practice."

"I'll practice on Christmas Eve."


"He must've reneckanized me from school."

"It's recognized, sweetie.  Not reneckanized."

A week later.  "The kid reneckanized Mrs F but she didn't reneckanize him."


Rich and I took away the markers to the white board one Saturday due to inappropriate use.  Anna wrote this on a piece of paper - "My mom and dad are men."


"I'm a sugartarian.  That means I don't eat sugar."

Yeah, I'd like to see that.


Up until last night, the girls not only had (well, they still do) all of their baby teeth but there was no indication that anyone was going to lose any of those baby teeth anytime in the near future.  Rich is usually in charge of teeth activities, except flossing, that's mine, but last night, he was at a board meeting so the entire duty was with me.  As I was making one last round with the toothbrush through Allie's mouth, I spotted something behind her bottom front teeth.  I thought it was a piece of food because last week, she had complained that a piece of apple had been stuck between her teeth.

(iPhone pic)

Nope, it wasn't food - it's a new tooth.  Coming in behind her baby teeth.  The tooth in front of it is loose but it has a way to go before it comes out.  She was surprised, excited and nervous all at the same time.  The girls are the only ones in the classrooms who haven't lost any baby teeth and I know it's been bothering them a bit.  Emily was really upset because she wants to lose a tooth too.  I told her that all of their teeth came in at the same time.  Give it a week or two and she'll probably have a loose tooth too.    

The girls have a dentist appointment in a few weeks.  I'm thinking I should print out that picture and hang it up at work to remind myself why I work.


Ashlee said...

"My Mom and Dad are men" I cannot stop laughing!

BreezieGirl said...

My old boss sent me a nearly identical picture of her daughter a couple weeks ago. "I should start saving for the dental work." Two days later, her little miss had lost her "no where near ready" loose tooth.

Here's hoping that Allie ends up wanting a front tooth for Christmas! :)

Julia said...

OMG, that is so cute! Girls here are also anxious to start losing teeth, as almost all of their colleagues already have (at their early 5s! I thought this should start at 6).

Do hope this does not mean braces in the future. These bottom teeth are very easily straightened by tongue pressure - my sister's came out virtually 90 degrees from the tooth line and eventually straightened by themselves.

MeghanF said...

My teeth always used to come in before my baby tooth fell out! FWIW, I never needed any dental work/braces/retainers etc. Never so much as a full filling (a tiny spot that was filled on the side of a molar when I was an adult). So, maybe won't be too bad!

Sarah said...

I would LOVE it if they didn't need dental intervention but we've been told that there's a good chance they will - small, crowded mouths. Keeping my fingers crossed though - you never know.

Katie said...

I guess it's time to figure out what the tooth fairy is paying these days!

Sarah Mae said...

Do they watch Honey Boo Boo? She says "You better redneckognize" and lots of people walk around saying that now. Drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

so funny but understand completely! my 7 year old daughter keeps saying "rememberize", a hibrid bewteen remember and memorize :) and watch out for the falleen teeth. my kids get a dollar per tooth and they have been getting somehow "rich" lately since the tooth fairly has forgotten on a couple occasions and they end up with 2 dollars per tooth! LOL!


Sarah said...

No Honey Boo Boo in our house. They don't even know who she is. She's just adding an extra N in there - no red. haha

Wendy said...

The tooth is called a "shark tooth" and it's totally normal. Lilly has two of them :) And they may not loose their teeth at the same time. Molly lost her first one, then a few weeks later Lilly did, then a month or so after that Molly lost a second and recently a third but Lilly has only lost her first tooth! Identicals are weird ;)

Jamie said...

My 7 year son had the same tooth come in just like that 2 weeks ago. The dentist said he was SO happy that I brought him in so he could pull the 2 bottom teeth to prevent misalignment and infection. Maybe you want to call your dentist and check?

Sarah said...

Wendy - I was calling her a shark last night. LOL

Jamie - she has a dentist appointment next week. Perfect timing.

Chantel said...

Ha! Claudia had shark teeth tooth, amazing after the baby teeth did fall out, the grown up tooth moved into correct place really quickly. Her baby teeth went from shark tooth coming in behind and not loose to falling out within a week, so it could happen quick.

Stacy said...

My son had two shark teeth behind his front two bottom tooth. Someone told me that they had to have their's pulled when that happened. The dentist took one look at it and said they don't do pull teeth like that anymore ... He said it is normal and fine and the pressure of swallowing and the tongue will push it into the right spot once the teeth come out. Well he was right. Both fell out a couple of weeks apart and those teeth moved right into place and COULD NOT BE ANY STRAIGHTER! I was shocked. And happy. I hope the same thing happens for you. :)