Monday, December 23, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like.... spring??

We had some real winter weather roll through here last week with snow accumulating enough for the girls to enjoy an afternoon of sledding

and hot cocoa.  I thought there was a chance of a white Christmas but then the snow began to look all yucky and then super warm weather (for us, anyway) moved in.  It was around 60 degrees Saturday morning when I went out to run errands and finish up some shopping.  So now all the snow is gone and it's raining here.

I've finished wrapping the girls' presents - I just need to add labels.  The bigger boxes will remain unwrapped.  I have half of the blanket for Emily's doll bed cut out so I just need to cut the back piece and sew that together.  There hasn't been much time for blogging these days.  I've been staying up later than I want to at night in order to finish up presents.  The unfinished doll furniture was a big thorn in my side.  As usual, I thought I would have plenty of time to sew all the bedding and paint the furniture but I lost some of my weekly "free" time with parent/teacher conferences and shopping.  Weeknights are fairly useless to me - by the time the girls are in bed and we've eaten dinner, it's almost 9:00 and I'm usually wiped out.  Rich ended up priming the furniture Saturday afternoon while I had the girls at a birthday party and I spray painted everything last night in the poorly lit garage after the girls went to bed.    

I want to spend today (what's left of it) cleaning (we host on Christmas day) so I can fully enjoy the day tomorrow with the girls.  We have big plans for Christmas cookies and Rich will be home early from work.  I think we are still undecided on what we'll be doing tomorrow evening.  I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow.  I had big plans for other sewing projects that never made it past the "it would be nice to do this" phase.


I know, McKenna.  I know.


kim said...

love your blog as one mom who juggles lots of things to another. merry christmas to you, your girls and your hubby! hope and prayers for a blessed new year for all of you!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Kim! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!