Saturday, October 19, 2013

Curtains and photography

Yesterday, while I ran loads of laundry, I fixed the downstairs bathroom curtains.  It's only been six years.  I made almost all of the curtains for our other house and when we moved here, we found spots for them.  The bathroom in the Victorian cottage had a space between the clawfoot tub and the window.  These curtains were cut extra long on purpose to pool onto the floor.  While it worked there, it doesn't work here.


So, they've been draped over the curtain rod, out of the way, for way too long.


Much better.


With work and everything else going on, I haven't been taking many photos.  While I realize that not every aspect of life should been turned into a photo shoot, the only way to learn and progress is to practice.  And then practice some more.  I made conscious effort to pick up the camera yesterday and then today, we brought the girls to a park we discovered last weekend.  This place is a photographer's dream location.  I can't wait to share those pictures.

One of the very few photos from the past two weeks.  Just because.  The blue eye shadow made an appearance.    


I was thinking of writing a photography FAQs post and linking to it on my underused Photography page.  If you have any questions you'd like me to include, please feel free to leave a comment or email me.


Laurie said...

Hi Sarah! I'm excited for your Photography FAQs post - I think your tips are great. I love how the photos of your girls are very "documentary" and not posed. How do you deal with various, imperfect lighting situations and get such perfect exposure? I've read your post on metering, but I'd love to hear more about your approach.

Wendy said...

I'm so with you- I have only been shooting mini sessions and I don't want to post those on my personal blog. It's so much harder when the kids are in school all day!

Sarah said...

Thanks! Laurie - I'll be sure to talk about that.